Fleet Operations 3.0: Planets And Suns

Saturday, 19 June 2004 Written by 

We had a bug in the development version and needed two weeks to fix it. Now everything is working as it should again.

Today we want to introduce you some new map objects.
As in every Star Trek episode planets are an important element and therefore we decided to give the planets known from Beta 2 a complete redo for graphical updates. There will also be a wider spread of planets in Fleet Operations 3.0 then in Beta 2, but we will try to give every planet a unique look.
Here are some ingame screenshots of our new planets:

A blue Class-M planet on the outer border of the Federation

This green jewel can be found in the Neutral Zone between the Klingon and the Romulan Empire

A new environmental element in Fleet Operations 3.0 are suns. These giant, glowing space bodies light up the whole screen. You can see clouds of gas venting from their surface. Till now they are background objects like planets are. Triggered events like solar erruptions or super novas are already planned for future versions of Fleet Operations.

A large orange sun like Sol somewhere in the galaxy