Fleet Operations 3.0: Cehlaer Warbird And Pyramid

Thursday, 27 May 2004 Written by 

As visitors of our Chat eagerly requested more information about Beta 3 - or just Fleet Operations 3.0 as it is called now - we want to provide you now again with two more vessels of the upcoming version - the new Romulan Cehlaer Warbird and Borg Pyramid.

[color=00FFCC]Cehlaer Class Warbird[/color]

Macromedia Shockwave required

The Cehlaer was a sister project of the Norexan Class warbird which is known for it's technological advanced computer system design, a new type of hull plating and weapon power. The Cehlaer has all advantages the Norexan design has except that it's impulse engine and warp drive capabilites have been reduced to deliver an powerful arsenal of weapons for the Romulan Star Empire. [color=00FFCC]General Mijural[/color] of the Tal'Shiar has had great influence in the development of the project and later also placed the Cehlaer Class into the Romulan defence fleet.

The reduction of speed relying on the lesser powerful engines makes the Cehlaer a powerful siege vessel. Its massive disruptor array can bring an impressive degree of destruction to the enemy. A commander of a Cehlaer type warbird said after a weapons test that the caehlar class is powerful enough to take on a borg cube. A good starship captain should always avoid to let one of this giant flying disruptors in the shape of warbird come into weapon range.

A Romulan strike force with two Cehlaers type warbirds engaging a Federation patrol at the border of Federation space


(3D model left out for technical reasons here)

Chassis 703, vessel signature: combat, directive: assimilation. That could be the Borg designation for this giant vessel in the shape of a pyramid. While the Borg Cube was and will always be the standard vessel for most tasks the collective adapted after an attempt to assimilate border space of the dominion. The Pyramid is the result of this adaption. All assimilation capabilities have been removed and instead deadly warheads consistent of feared nanites have been developed in this design. Once these destructive warheads hit a station or a similar large space structure they will immediately begin to spread over the sub systems of a targeted station to assimilate and disable them.
The Pyramid can be build at the Advanced Assembly Matrix if [color=00FF00]Directive: Assimilation[/color] has been choosen as your avatar.

The battle unfolds in the orbit of a dying star. Soon their minds will be part of the collective...

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Note: The stats of this vessel may change until release