Beta 3: Shrike Class

Sunday, 09 May 2004 Written by 

Sometimes you meet an old friend after years of separation. You can say something similar to the Romulan Shrike Class.

We all now this fast and deadly attack destroyer from the original Star Trek: Armada. It was one of the many good designes, which were made for the first Armada game.
Now, years later, you can meet it again in Fleet Operations. One of the new Avatar vessels in Beta3 will be the Shrike Class, and it will be as nasty as always ;) . The Shrike got some makeup to fit the Fleet Operations style, but the popular design is of course the same.

[color=00FFCC]Shrike Class[/color]

Macromedia Shockwave required

The Shrike Class is a very fast Romulan destroyer which was designed for all kinds of spionage and stealth tasks. It's cloaking device has perfectly been adjusted to it's energy signature, allowing a Shrike Class to pass through every enemy fleet without being seen. Of course Tachion Scans will still detect it's cloak signature.
The Shrike Class can be produced at the Staryard if you have chosen [color=00FFCC]General Mijural[/color] as your Avatar. It has quite impressive shieldings and armor for a vessel of it's size. The Dual Rapid Fire Pulsedisruptors installed in Shrike Class vessels can beat up most destroyes easily, but a good Shrike Commander will avoid direct conflict and try to continue it's mission stealthly. The [color=00FFCC]Tal'Shiar Agent[/color] special ability will allow you to send and intelligence operative onboard an enemy vessel or station and grant you complete line of view of the targetted unit.

Our Shrike Class is on a mission deep into enemy territory...

...suddendly a Monsoon Class engages out of the nearby nebula! Prepare for battle!

Note: The stats of this vessel may change until release