Beta3: Avalon Class

Friday, 16 April 2004 Written by 

We now want to introduce you the Avalon Class you saw on the latest Dominion screenshots of the upcoming beta.

The USS Avalon is one of the newest Starfleet designs and the first vessel of it's class left the San Francisco Yards almost on the same day when Voyager went through the Borg transwarp hub back to the alpha quadrant.
As the quick producable Federation fighters showed good performance during the Dominion War Starfleet decided to keep a constant number of Attack Fighters in service even in times of peace. With great support for the project by Admiral Risner the Avalon Class was designed as a mobile command center for fighter operations. The vessel can also act as a logistic center for evacuation or routine missions, it is however not equipped with sufficent labs for scientific tasks.
Currently there are only a few starships of this class in service and therefore they can only be warped in with a Starfleet Command station if you have choosen Admiral Risner as your Avatar.

Macromedia Shockwave required