Beta 3: Support Vessel Faq

Wednesday, 25 February 2004 Written by 

Along with the completly redone balancing system for Beta3 there will also be so called "Support Vessels". Some vessels have been rebalanced to carry unique special abilities. This brings us one step nearer to one of the most important Fleet Operation goals: Give each vessel an identity and a unique character.

I want to explain you how Support Vessels work and how you can use them by answering a few questions about them.

Q: What's the difference between a Support Vessel and a usual vessel?
A: Every Support Vessel starts with a special ability, which needn't be researched. Besides this it can be upgraded twice at a research station, which will allow the Support Vessel to use it's Level2 and Level3 abilities, which are more powerful then the special abilities you can find on normal vessels.

Q: How can i identify a Support Vessel?
A: You just have to look at it's tooltip. You can find all necessary information there.

Image Image

Q: Where can i find these upgrades for my Support Vessels?
A: You can find them at a research station. As soon as you have researched the Basic System Upgrade the Advanced System Upgrade will appear as a research option.

Image Canaveral Basic System Upgrade
Image Canaveral Advanced System Upgrade

Note: The stats of this vessel may change until the release