Beta 3: Luspet Class

Friday, 20 February 2004 Written by 

And again I picked a vessel from Beta3 to show you and demonstrate some apsects of the upcoming Fleet Operations Beta3. Today it's another Klingon vessel, which is buildable if you chose to support Martok as your Avatar. It's the LuSpet Class

Klingon LuSpet Class

The Klingon LuSpet Class is a heavy short-range Cruiser. It's very impressive shieldings allow a vessel of this type to sustain massive damage and protect the weaker long-range vessels of your fleet.
It is also equipped with a very special weapon: The cluster torpedo launcher. These unique projectiles brake through the enemy shielding and detonate within the hull of the targetted vessel. Now they explode in smaller explosives which cause additional hulldamage in the next seconds by damaging the interior.

Macromedia Shockwave required

Here you can see a few ingame screenshots of the LuSpet Class in action. You can also see a few of the new special effects like explosions, weapons and warpglow and some Federation vessels.

Image Image Image

Note: The stats of this vessel may change until the release