Beta 3: Newton Class And Special Effects

Sunday, 21 December 2003 Written by 

In Beta 3 there will be many gameplay enhancements for Fleet Operations, but there also will be grafical improvemnts, like new explosions, more detailed models or hit effects. One of the vessels which will already have been upgraded to Beta3 status is the Federation Newton Class. I will give you a short review of it to show a few of the grafical enhancements of Beta 3 with this example.

Federation Newton Class
The Federation Newton Class is a service vessel, which can be used to repair starships or stations within short time, even during battle. It's the only buildable repair ship, but you can get repair ships from mercenaries, too.
Initial ability: Repair Beam
Repairs the hull hitpoints of an allied vessel for 7.
(if the vessel is set to maximum special weapon and movement autonomy, the Newton class will repair all allied vessel within a given range)

Macromedia Shockwave required

As you have perhaps noticed, the Newton Class will get a new model, texture and design in Beta 3. There will also be grafical enhancements for all vessels: The warp nacells or impulse drives do now glow. You can see a screenshot of it here.


And at last, to show you how the new special abilities will look like, there is a new repair beam. Sparks do emit from the vessel which is under repair and the beam is of course animated.


There are still many special weapons and starships to improve or to replace for Beta 3, so i will go back modding now :) keep informed on the Fleet Operations forums, we will keep you updated on the state of development of Beta 3.

Note: The stats of this vessels may change until the release