Beta 3: Norway Class & Veqlaragh Class

Sunday, 30 November 2003 Written by 

As already mentioned every race will get new units via the Avatar feature. In Beta3 there will be 2 Avatars for each races, which will give you 2 special units besides some overall bonuses like reduced construction times or new special abilities.

To give you a first view of how Beta3 will play, i will introduce 2 avatar vessels from Beta3:

Federation Norway Class
The Federation Norway Class is a specialized support cruiser, which can be build in the Antares Yards if you chose to support Admiral Mayson. As every support vessel, a Norway Class vessel can receive two upgrades, which will allow it to use additional special abilities:
Level 1 ability: Emergency Power
Restores 60 Special Energy on a allied target
Level 2 ability: Plasma Coil
Emits a field of warp plasma, which will damage enemy vessels in the area of effect. Is very effective against small vessels.
Level 3 ability: Assault Mode
Increases weapondamage, reloadtime and repairrate of a Norway Class vessel, which makes a powerful attack vessel out of this support vessel.
Macromedia Shockwave required

Klingon Veqlaragh Class
The Veqlaragh Class is a new klingon design, which is capable of inflicting damage over very long distance (artillery weaponrange). A Veqlaragh Class vessel can also receive a special upgrade, which increases it's damage against medium and large vessels. The Veqlaragh Class vessel is buildable in a Klingon Field Yard, if you chose to support the House of Duras.
Initial ability: Cloak
Renders the Veqlaragh invisble to enemy sensors (as always).
Upgrade: Hull-Piercing Torpedo
Increases the damage against medium and large vessels
Macromedia Shockwave required

Note: The stats of this vessels may change until the release