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Today I want to shed light on one aspect of development we are currently very involved in: Audio. In particular, vessel feedback.

It is common practice in Real-Time Strategy games to give you - the player - audio comments when selecting a unit or issuing orders. We believe that this audio feedback goes a long way in forming the personality and style of a vessel, just as important as a nice model and a polished texture. We therefore spent quite some time into improving that aspect, even beyond common RTS standards.

In the next version of Fleet Operations, the audio feedback from your fleets will be more contextual. Obviously a captain currently fighting a Borg Cube should respond differently than one parked next to your fortified star base for half an hour! This is achieved by very detailed voice-sets with about 50 lines for every single ship. Your ships will react on their environment, giving you different feedback if they have just escaped a tough battle, if they are fighting a superior foe, or if you order them to strategically escape a conflict situation - more commonly referred to as "AHHH, RUN AWAY!"

We are also proud to have assembled a crew of talented and dedicated voice artists that help us to give each single unit, be it a battleship or a cargo ship, a unique voice and character. You will see - or hear in that case - nasty Romulans, logical Vulcans, brave Klingons or even Betazoids and Andorians. We prepared a special page for our voice talent team, where you can also find more information if you too are interested in lending us your voice.

As a small sneak-peek, here are some samples of how you can expect your captains to react to your gameplay. Enjoy!


Federation Excelsior-II


Federation Defiant


Romulan Norexan


Klingon Vorcha


Borg Collective