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Today we will take a look at two brand new Borg features which will define the Collective experience!

Update: Happy April Fools' Day!

The first is the incredibly exciting Matter Transmutation.

The Borg Recycling Center became quite a popular station. We like the concept of the Collective's great efficiency so much that we are now dedicating a whole gameplay feature to it. The Borg Matter Transmutation Center replaces the Recycling Center and allows you to cut down any piece of technology or resources into its constituent atoms. From these atoms, you may then construct new compounds to refit your vessels!

Combining elements and adding the results to your Borg armada can provide powerful bonus effects, depending on what elements you combined. Some unique combinations might even unlock new special weapons or passive technologies!

thumb gold cube

But be cautious, the combination of arbitrary atoms is not an easy task, and they will react similar to how they do in real life! We are currently working on a chemistry engine to further simulate the correct behavior of the elements. A LiOH cube is definitely not a good idea!

Now that we’ve covered the Collective’s module configuration utilities, let’s move on to the always fascinating issue of base construction!

Taking a lot of pointers from people who love the idea of having Borg bases combined into one big Unimatrix-style system, plus our new Borg Space system, we’ve implemented what will be known as Tetrimatrises.

Whenever you build a new structure, you will get the chance to slot it into space near other Borg structures. If the two Borg structure’s shapes are aligned, they will snap together. You can further join structures together by dropping Borg vessels into missing spots. Assuming you’ve moved them into position with the correct orientation, this will instantly create a cohesive blocked structure. If you form such a linear arrangement - a Nexis - the Collective’s efficiency explodes, and you will gain extra supplies. Each Nexis will in turn yield additional supplies, as well as share hitpoints, allowing you to slowly assimilate the sector.

thumb borgtris

However, beware. If you move Borg vessels too close to a partially formed Nexis, the vessels will get stuck - forming that classic look from the Voyager episodes that dealt with Borg space. (Just to note, for balance you can't do this an unlimited number of times, and you will eventually top out)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this primer on Borg gameplay - we are always looking at the forums, reforming your ideas, and matching them with how Star Trek was shown to us on the silver screen!