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As we are reviving some beauties from Armada’s past, we need your input on gathering names for them!

Armada 1 had some very pretty Romulan vessels. Two of them can already be found in Fleet Operations as avatar vessels: The Shrike and the Griffin. The next version will also see the return of the Raptor. I'm sure Zeich will want to talk about that one soon, as he's currently working on their Fleet Operations model. Another vessel we plan to introduce is the Shadow Class.

Yet, while being quite aesthetic and Romulan, these vessels have a small problem: English names. That by itself is not a serious issue, but as all other Romulan vessels have Romulan names, we would like to change that for these, too. That also includes the name for the Talon Class, which is just known as a Romulan ship in the show. We still plan to mention and use the classic English names as Federation designations for these classes, but a Romulan player should get the Romulan thing.

So, here are some ideas we gathered for their names, but we are looking for more ideas! Feel free to post any nice name, perhaps with a reference if you found it from in an episode, a book or a dictionary!


Shrike Class: Neirh Class

Nei'rrh is the Romulan name of a small, venomous bird


Griffin Class: Khellian Class

Khellian is the Romulan term for a traditional, archaic hunter


Raptor Class: Seiya Class

Seiyya is the Romulan word for demolishing, destroying or bringing something to ruin


Shadow Class: Anarhai Class

Anarhai means dawn in Romulan


Talon Class: Sienae Class

Sienae is a literal translation and refers to the talon of a bird