Fleet Operations 3.1.5

Saturday, 25 December 2010 Written by 

Merry Christmas from the Fleet Operations Team!

Looks like Santa went all the way to Romulus and Qo'noS to collect you a small patch. This update fixes several bugs and adds a new ability for the Starfleet Remore class.
Modders should also take a look at the changes and additions. A precise list of renamed variables is available on the Modifications Board.

Download Fleet Operations 3.1.5

Patch 3.1.5 is only compatible with a previous 3.1.4 installation. Patching an earlier version (3.1.3 and below) will result in a corrupt installation.


  • Additional weapon effects have been added or redone, including more perceptible effects for Cover Fire and similar effects

  • Ingame Multiplayer chat sound notifications

  • Modding

      [li]The GUI files (data/misc) now contain prefab settings for three avatar buttons. Check the aspect-ratio-specific GUI files for reference (gui_4x3.cfg, gui_5x4.cfg, ..)


  • Increased the time a carrier requires to replace lost fighters to 18 seconds (bf.: 10)

  • For the purpose of damage calculation, fighters are now treated as having the weapon range of their carrier. This does not affect their actual weapon range

  • Replaced shell menu button hover and click sounds

  • Fluidic Nebulas no longer hide vessels inside

  • Dominion

      [li]Slightly reduced the movement speed of Workerships

  • Federation

      [li]A new level 3 ability for the Remore replacing ECM: Point Defense
    • Vessels with modified Photon Torpedoes are now also affected by Fleet Supply, the Nova Class special

  • Klingon

      [li]General Martok's Kahless Station is now armed with a Micro Photon Torpedo instead of a Torpedo Drone

  • Modding

      [li]Renamed Stock A2 ODF commands have been reverted


  • Stopped some incorrect Borg Uplink spawning in Borg bases

  • The Nova build button is now always visible as intended

  • Fixed several tooltip typos

  • Fixed a rare crash when selecting a vessel

  • Fixed a rare crash when using a special weapon

  • Fixed a crash when using custom maps with empty map descriptions

  • Fixed a crash when trying to sort the map list with very large custom maps present

  • Game Mechanics

      [li]Mixed Tech caps are working again
    • The Carriers, Troopships and Repair Ships caps may no longer be exploited by transferring them to an ally

    • Fixed some messed up weapons on Taq'rojas Bird of Preys

    • The accuracy of Quantum Pulses is now correctly reduced while Blockade Breaker is active

    • Transwarp now shows a range indicator

    • Dominion and Romulan Adaption Modules are now correctly displayed

    • Veteran S-2 Escort Cruisers no longer disable the subsystems on units without a torpedo launcher