Visuals, check, Gameplay, check, Audio, ..

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 Written by 

The last patches brought a lot of innovation in both the graphics and the game play sector, and we already announced a ton of upgrades in these fields for the next major versions. Still, there is an important sector we left alone for quite some time: sound!

We believe that the audio perception of a game is an important element to create a vivid and believable experience. That's why we are working on a lot of changes and new content here, too. You might already have noticed some experimental voice-sets integrated in the past versions, using more dynamic audio response for your vessels. The Romulan D'deridex for example features different responses if it is currently waiting for an enemy, engaged in combat or about to lose a fight.

Fleet Operations was all about adding more personality and uniqueness to the different vessels. So far that touched game play and graphics, but we are also expanding into audio here. We are working hard to feature new voice-sets for many vessels. That should make playing more fun.

To support us in this new sector, we are happy to welcome Croesus to the team!
Welcome! :thumbsup:

Be sure to hear more about the next patches soon