Interface Additions

Thursday, 23 July 2009 Written by 

Besides a complete new look, the new user interface will also give you a few new features, to give you a better control and feeling. But lets start with the Klingon interface screenshots. We tried to bring it as close to the common dark but yet advanced bridge feeling, as you can see throughout the movies and shows.


Now lets get to the new stuff. We have always wanted to achieve a better feeling when commanding just one vessel. To achieve a better control over your vessels, we have added a new subsystem display, clearly inspired by Starfleet Command. You will now see icons on the ship display, representing your current weapons. Reload times will also been shown as a bar-like animation. For further information about a weapon, you may simply hover it. That will help you in particular managing your special weapons, as they usually have larger reload times.

Image Image