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posted on September 3rd, 2021, 12:07 pm
I was listening to some music today and part of it sounded like some of the Federation OST, and that reminded me of this game.

These days I'm a programmer, and I'm really curious... what exactly causes the OOS problems? Does each client run its own version of the game world and rely on actions in the other copies being precisely transmitted to every other client, in the right order? Given how old the game is I'm assuming the design would have been focused on minimising bandwidth.
posted on September 8th, 2021, 12:18 pm
Yes, even modern RTS games still work on the same principle. Each client runs it's own simulation of the game state. Only player actions are transferred. If the simulation doesn't match, the game states diverge. Using this method also has the advantage that RTS games are mostly immune to most cheats that directly influence the game state (like modified health of units or giving yourself more resources), since they would just break the game state. However there are many ways to introduce inconsistencies into a client's simulation when coding a game (uninitialized memory, using non deterministic float functions, ..). Armada had several issues with synchronisation build in. Some were quite rare and some were pretty consistent when doing modding. Most of them were fixed with FO. We also introduced some sync issues with our own code, which was sooner or later fixed. The official FO release should be relatively stable in that regard.

We did a lot of changes in the planned 4.0 and there was a nasty out of sync issue that was pretty inconsistent we just could not track down for months. I did never figure out if it was an issue with our code or something that was coming from Armada features we began using at that point. However it was only one of several reasons why we then decided to stop our work on Armada 2.
posted on September 10th, 2021, 7:37 pm
First and Foremost, Thank you Doc. This team added so much life to something we all loved. Not many remember me but i was a modder back before the armada 2 files fiasco. This total conversion of armada 2 went above and beyond anything any of us could have asked for. With life getting in the way of our past times there is only so much that we can all contribute to what we love. I would to thank all of the fleet ops team for continuing as much as they did. Someone close to me has really enjoyed playing this game, even from the initial release. This person was injured in 2004 and loss the use of everything but his arms. We have spent thousands of hours playing fleet ops and still have it and installed. For that i am eternally grateful. You helped me support this person to get away from the world that has restricted them and that is a debt i could never repay. This will be my last sign on. Thank you everyone. This was one of the best communities i had the privilege to be apart of.
posted on September 11th, 2021, 9:40 am
Hi, lately I just drop by to read.

DocaCola wrote: "However it was only one of several reasons why we then decided to stop our work on Armada 2“

Out off curiosity 2 questions: Does the work with the new game engine continue? How far has the work advanced?

I saw a screen shot at the ezEngine website. It looks quite promising.
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