Some suggestions I have for Fleet ops!

Post ideas and suggestions on new features or improvements here.
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posted on March 2nd, 2016, 1:57 am
I hope I'm posting this in the right place....

Ships Classes I'd Add

Federation -
Vesta, Prometheus (no Separation), Luna, Excalibur and Odyssey

Vesta, Prometheus, Luna and Odyssey to build, with the odyssey limited to 1 or 2
Excalibur for warp in, similar to or replacing one of the two special warp in ships
And maybe an Olympic class Medical ship, limited to one that can recrew ships.

Klingons- Refitted D5 and D7 class ships, i think there are too few recognizable klingon ships on the game, bring these two in and replace a couple of the others, in my opinion would make me want to play as them more

Romulans - Schimitar Class with a normal cloaking device, limited to one or two, in a Reman Avatar, that is comlletely because i loved it in nemesis, loved the whole film TBH!

Borg - A Scout Sphere, dont have any justification as i just think it would be cool, maybe there could be a chance everytime a cube is destroyed it will launch a sphere, say a 1 or 2% chance

Dominion - A Dreadnaught, In DS9 the dominion were only shown to have a few ships, with the breen only seeming to have one type too, so im glad classes were made up, i just think that adding a dreadnaught, limited to one either warped in or built would give the dominion a more menacing presence.
posted on March 2nd, 2016, 2:08 am
Id also add hero ships for each race that can be warped in either by name (eg Enterprise, Defiant or Voyager) or by CO, or the Starfleet heroes each could have a small chance to be warped in with the Federation Warp ins, with no specific warp in selection.
My Choices would be:-

Picard/Data - Enterprise E or Odyssey Class Enterprise F (Captain Same as STO Captain Va'Kel Shon)
Worf - Maybe the Avenger, throwback to SA1
Riker- Titan

Klingons -
Martok On his neghvar class command ship

Sela- Refitted D'Deridex Warbird
Donatra - Valdore

Extra for the federation (Ok, they might not need any more ships but...i want more ship options, lol)
Temporal Research Facility
if u build one, nothing is guaranteed, but there would be a small chance a ship from the future would appear for a certain amount of time, depending on how much research u do at the station

The ships would be-
Premonition Class
Wells Class
Enterprise J
posted on March 2nd, 2016, 2:19 am
I would add a Typhon Pact Faction Or Race so we could add a few recognized races in without having to create to many new ships- id adjust the members of the pact to exclude the romulans, and just have the Tholians, Gorn, Orions and maybe the Tzenkethi and Kenshaya (if they have known ship classes) and maybe Adding the breen and take them away from the Dominion.

Also id change the way borg stations work, to maybe instead of many different stations u build additions to create a sort of mini unimatrix complex, similar to how the empire space station works in Star Wars Empire At War

Well these are my suggestions, some come from the massive fan boy who wants to see these things but doesnt have the resources and technical know how to do it myself.

Thanks for reading, comments/Replies very welcome, id like to get a discussion going
posted on March 2nd, 2016, 2:40 pm
Some interesting ideas here. My thoughts:

1. There's a Vesta Class mod out there somewhere for stock STA2, so it would be possible to have the Vesta Class (complete with all the special weapons they can use in Star Trek Online) in Fleet Ops with a bit of work. Or a lot of work, depending on how much detail you want to get into.

2. There are mods for Fleet Ops of some of the other ships, including:
a) The Prometheus (without separation): //
b) The Excalibur: //

3. The Odyssey Class (and the Enterprise F) probably won't appear in official Fleet Ops, due to possible copyright issues with Star Trek Online, but it'd be a nice ship to see in Fleet Ops regardless.

4. Dominion Dreadnoughts are available from the Dominion's various mixed-tech yards, although seeing a non-mixed-tech version, and simply having all the various Dreadnought varients share a "Dreadnought" cap with a limit of 2, would be pretty useful.

5. Flagships I like the sound of. Perhaps have the player start with a given flagship based on their faction, and maybe even avatar choice?

6. Temporal Research Stations sound interesting, but why only the Premonition, Enterprise J, and Wells with a small chance of occurring? Perhaps have a warp-in style special weapon, spawning random Federation ship(s) from varying times, with chances of not only ship(s) from the future, but ship(s) from the past, like the Constitution Class, and ship(s) from alternate timelines, like the Galaxy X.

7. The Typhon Pact Faction - To be honest, I don't like this idea so much (especially taking the Breen away from the Dominion), but to each their own. That said, the idea of combining what would be numerous non-playable mini-factions into fully-playable factions is a pretty good idea.

8. Borg Stations - This particular news entry comes to mind: // Of course, most of this news entry (especially the element changing thing) is an April Fool's prank, but it still suggests that we may yet see more Unicomplex style Borg bases at some point in the future. Personally, I like the Unicomplex idea.

posted on March 2nd, 2016, 5:48 pm
Thanks AdmiralNat, your comments are very much appreciated, and 2 things you said stand out, although all comments were very valid, the first your suggestion about the temporal research idea, i prefer yours in fact, however the reasoning behind my original thought was that you have to assume ships from the future would be more advanced and more powerful, but adding the chance of a ship from the past appearing, could perhaps even the odds.

The second point i found most interesting was your comments on the tpyhon pact idea, ive yet to read any of the novels about it, but plan to in the future, but there is nothing to say we have to stick to the members as stated in the novel, i like the idea that we could make a Fleet Ops Version of the typhon pact.

Its amazing to get feedback for my ideas, so thanks again!
posted on March 6th, 2016, 1:45 am
Another thing i think will help balance the game is giving a more limited warp in to every race, perhaps accessible at the starbase, but keeping the federations warp ins as they are, so it still seems like a "Faction special ability" then we might get to see some older klingon ships, more basic romulan ships.

Im not sure how the warp ins would work exactly for the romulans, dominion and the borg (as older ships tend to not be part of their fleets like the federation and klingons) but its just a basic idea, that im sure im not the first to think about.

Feedback/Discussion is very much welcomed
posted on March 6th, 2016, 12:37 pm
CmdrPhill wrote:Another thing i think will help balance the game is giving a more limited warp in to every race, perhaps accessible at the starbase, but keeping the federations warp ins as they are, so it still seems like a "Faction special ability" then we might get to see some older klingon ships, more basic romulan ships.

Im not sure how the warp ins would work exactly for the romulans, dominion and the borg (as older ships tend to not be part of their fleets like the federation and klingons) but its just a basic idea, that im sure im not the first to think about.

Feedback/Discussion is very much welcomed

Or instead, make it so that non-Federation can use captured Starfleet Command(s) to warp in vessels from their own faction?

As for the other faction's warp-in ships, while Romulans, Dominion, and Borg not usually using older ships, they could have ships from other special forces, like Romulan Warbirds sent from the Praetor's personal fleet (assuming the Praetor has a personal fleet, anyway), Dominion ships from the Gamma Quadrant, Borg ships... maybe some of the alternative Borg designs seen in the original Star Trek Armada 2? Klingons could also have some ships from the original STA2, like the Qeh'Ral Class (which was said to be an older battleship design).
posted on March 7th, 2016, 1:48 am
I really like your ideas, especially capturing a starfleet command station to warp in a factions own ships.

Where the ships come from re- other factions warp in, you have pretty much solved it, if anyone else has an idea about the romulan ships, that would be cool, but id be happy with your praetor personal fleet suggestion. As its a genius thought.

Has anyone had any ideas concerning an amalgam faction of smaller ones to add a new race, similar to the typhon pact?

Races id think were candidates are-
Ferengi (despite already having a place in the game)
Orion (at the very least we could use the raiders from enterprise, obviously modernized to make them competitive)
Cardassians (Could become the core fleet for the alliance as they have alot of canon ships)
Breen (i think they could also stay as an avatar for the dominion)
Tholians (Tholian Web, anyone? There ships look cool)
Gorn (read a Star Trek TNG comic where the Ent E goes to the gorn to ask for help in the dominion war, so there would be some designs to go from at least)
posted on March 7th, 2016, 3:10 pm
Base layout and capture mechanics desperately need an overhaul in NX for capturing to become something useful. Why?

1) Most people will put all of their tech buildings in the main base with their initial Starbase. If your enemy can enter that area and capture a building, you've lost and should resign immediately.

2) In 3.2.7, if there is any damage to a subsystem when a ship or station is captured, that system goes offline until repaired. It's not so bad when it's weapons, but engines and life support make captured units difficult to non-viable to keep.

There's been some talk about creating map features that give bonuses to tech buildings placed near them, but I have a feeling that will just act as a handicap to races that traditionally are on the losing side of the scouting game (ie, races without cloak), as they'll either have to invest disproportionately in fixed defences, or expect to just lose it. Or, just don't bother with the bonus. Probably the latter, especially as there's also talk about making cloak detection much harder (which I consider asinine, but that's an argument for a different thread).
posted on March 18th, 2016, 12:45 pm
What happened with the Vulcan Race ?
There is a chance to be integrated in the future version of the Fleet Operations game ?

We can play with the Federation, Klingon, Borg, Dominion, Romulan.

There are even a Cardassian Race : // ... -mod-12630

In the early version of the FO game, was the Noxters.
Interesting race, similar with the Species 8472, but more complex: ... 392&ssid=3

But where are the Vulcans ?
posted on March 18th, 2016, 5:04 pm
miklosgo wrote:But where are the Vulcans ?

Onboard Federation ships, where they belong.
posted on March 18th, 2016, 9:50 pm
Thank You my friend James. That is correct.
posted on March 19th, 2016, 1:37 am
If i was extremely lucky and someone from the FO team told me they liked my "Typhon Pact" race idea, what species would you want to be a part of that? id say the only selection rule is that they cannot be a current race (borg, fed, kling rom or dom) or part of one (eg breen is an Avatar of the dominion)

other than that, go nuts and if u would like to suggest what ships u would have to represent each race, or any other details, that would be really cool!
posted on March 19th, 2016, 1:24 pm
I did some research on Memory Alpha and Memory Beta, and saw that the original Typhon Pact, with the Romulans and Breen removed, we only end up with 4 factions: the Tzenkethi Coalition, the Holy Order of Kinshaya, the Gorn Hegemony, and the Tholian Assembly.

The Tzenkethi are known the use Teardrop shaped vessels who's hulls are apparently featureless, with ports opening to reveal their weapons, sensors, and other devices when they need them. Perhaps their ships would have greater resistance against subsystem disable effects, with even greater resistance (or even immunity) when the systems aren't being used? (Rendering Defiant critical shot ambushes pretty useless)

The Tzenkethi were also said to be capable of building weapons of mass destruction, so the Typhon Pact could have a super-weapon built by them.

The Kinshayans have Sphere shaped vessels and command centers. Aside from that, it's said that they were too powerful to be conquered by the Klingons, but were not powerful enough to be a major threat.

The Gorn apparently use Disruptors, and their ships can withstand a barrage of phaser and photon torpedo fire without any significant damage to their vessel, so they could have some sort of more defensive, tanking vessel. Star Trek Online (STO for short) gives some other ideas for specials, like mine laying weapons, Repair drones, and Aceton Assimilator stationery drones that drain power from nearby vessels, while creating AoE shockwaves when attacked by energy weapons.

The Tholians, finally, are much more interesting:
1. They have some sort of particle beam weapons, which STO describes as being Tetryon based, and torpedoes not unlike plasma torpedoes, STO's Tholians using Thermionic torpedoes, which would basically be plasma torpedoes, but using some sort of thermionic radiation as their explosive yield.
2. Their ships come in sizes anywhere from smaller than the NX-01 to Constitution size, even reaching sizes (canon-aside) where their length is roughly that of Borg Cubes (Fleet Ops Cubes, not the Cube from TNG).

Between canon material, the TNG Tholian Race mod for stock STA2, Star Trek Online, and a few ideas of my own, there's plenty of ideas for Tholian specials:
1. Energy dampening special weapons, or a passive making their weapons drain small amounts of power with each shot.
2. Tholian Webs:
a) Generated by groups of ships, having more and more ships allows the web to be generated more quickly.
b) Web (wall)s generated by a single vessel
c) A Dreadnought type starship with a web cannon, encasing anyone in it's AoE blast in a ship-sized Tholian web.
5. Crystal based special weapons:
a) A Crystalline Beam (special) weapon, possibly like the Cho'Naq's
b) An explosive vessel made of pure dilithium
c) Crystalline based vessels that can fuse together to form a larger vessel, which in turn could fuse with other fused vessels, fusing them into some very large ships.
d) Crystal vessels (possibly the fusing ships) with a regeneration style ability, only regenerating hull.
7. Rift generators, opening up inter-dimensional rifts, often to the Mirror Universe.
a) A ship with a Kulinor-style Mirror Universe vessel summoning weapon
b) A wormhole generator station, as a special station.
8. Radiation specials, generating a radiation field around a Tholian ship, draining crew.
9. Web/Crystal based shield specials, reflecting beam weapons, like the Corbomite deflector.
10. Phasing based specials:
a) Phase-Cloak style phasing device, just without being invisible.
b) Tholian Transphasic torpedoes?
11. The Tholians evidently have (limited) time travel capabilities, so they could have a temporal weapon or two. :cloak:

To be honest, the Tholians alone have enough to be a faction all on their own, so I personally would probably have them as their own faction, and the rest of the Typhon Pact... without the Tholians, I guess. Maybe throw in some Nausicaans hired by the Typhon Pact, and/or Reman rebels who left the Romulan Star Empire and eventually joined the Typhon Pact? I'd also be curious to know what the Xindi are up to during Fleet Ops, so perhaps get them involved... :shifty:

Just a bunch of my thoughts and ideas on the matter. :thumbsup:
posted on March 19th, 2016, 1:46 pm
If you want to see how the Gorns, Tholians or Tzenkethi might play in FleetOps, I could suggest trying my KA2 mod. (I have the Gorn Confederacy and Tholian Assembly as playable races, and the Mirak as map units.). Personally i'd love to see some less well known races fleshed out :)
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