Star Trek: Armada III Petition

Saturday, 13 March 2004 Written by 

James Lowey (aka. apollosfire) has set a petition for Star Trek: Armada III on

So pls sign for this petition and lets hope the best :)

To: Viacom International Incorporated; Paramount Pictures Corporation; Mad Doc Software, LLC;

We, the undersigned, would like to declare our eagerness for a third installment in the Star Trek: Armada computer games series. We would like this sequel to be made by Mad Doc Software.
We would like this sequel to have:
- better graphics
- better gaming style / game play
- in game mission / map editor
- more missions / longer overall game
We understand that Viacom is probably not interested in Star Trek computer games anymore, after the legal problems that they have experienced, but we, the undersigned, are great fans of the first two games and greatly desire a "Star Trek: Armada 3" to be made.


The Undersigned

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