October 4th: Fleet Operations Beta 2 Release Date

Tuesday, 23 September 2003 Written by 

Here is what you waited for. The release date of Fleet Operations Beta 2 is now official, the 4th October.

You have seen the screenshots, you have heard of some info on the board but we not revealed all info about Beta 2. With not only the two new main races available, the Romulans and the Noxter, but also with the various non player races as the Breen (try to capture their shipyard ^_^) or Species 8472. Also many new map objects are included as planets with atmoshere, new larger asteroid fields or nebulas. We increased the number of available map environments. The launcher got some extra enhancements so for example you can now enable or disable team colors on vessels as you like.

We will release a complete changelog of the gold version in the next few days :)

The Fleet Operations Development Team