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Greetings from the High Command - please tune in to listen to some important announcements from our stalwart Romulan captains!


The Tal'Shiar has brought urgent news to you regarding the reassignment of some of our best and bravest commanders.

Cehlaer Warbird

The Cehlaer is commanded by an ....interesting Romulan captain. He has fought alongside the vaunted Admiral Mijural many times, and does not just consider her his superior, but also something out of the books of legend. You might, in fact, call him a bit of a fanatic. If there were to be another Romulan empress, you can guess who's side he'd take.


Generix Cruiser

What more could you ask for? The Generix cruiser is at your disposal - a beefy, plasma torpedo hurling vessel with an arrogant in-your-face captain. Run in fear, cowards and enemies of the Empire!


Generix Specter

While in previous versions of Fleet Operations, refits were treated as mere extensions of the original unit, we want to divorce players from that presumption. To extend that feel, Refits now get their own voice artists and lines, making these ships as different as possible from their predecessor. To further extend that feel, there will even be special lines for when you first click on a newly produced refit!


Romulan Convoy

Romulan transport captains toe the line between supporting Romulan imperial efforts and still trying to make ends meat in this centrally controlled economy. There are even rumors of a black market... but such things are not to be discussed in the open. This captain is no different - the Tal'Shiar is intent to catch individuals that are willing to bend the rules, even despite their absolute loyalty to the Romulan people.


Further NX development

Besides voiceovers, what else have we been working on?

With each day, history is being made - many new and exciting features have been brought to life in these past few months. The development forums are abuzz with activity, as we have recently completed work on how weapons, movement, and construction will function. Some tidbits:

Weapons are no longer limited as they were in Armada. We have implemented a flexible system which allows weapons to trigger when, for instance, a ship has reached some minimum hitpoints, or perhaps has encountered some map objects. We have regular weapons which can be upgraded, which can be set to harm only specific systems (like shields). Weapons are smart firing - they can be set to autocast.

Currently we are constructing a very cool new user interface! Because we want to emphasize the tactical nature of Fleet Operations, we have already considered a few new features:

1) Each of your "fleets" will appear on the side of your screen as a stylized icon: you can click them to issue orders, have ships join those fleets and inherit their commands and command queues, and let you know when that fleet is under attack and where it is on the map, all without having to scroll through your "1,2,3,4..." buttons.

2) We are also working on having ships that are going to be affected by bonuses (or negative effects, like weapons) being highlighted. This would work differently for friend and foe. When you select your special weapon, you'll be able to see which targets might be hit. Your opponent, by using the advanced sensors of scout vessels, will in turn be able to see which of his or her units are soon to be hit - that way the commander might choose to beat a hasty retreat, or alter the battlefield situation to his or her advantage!

But the Tal'Shiar informs me that my quota of words has been reached for today. Jolan tru, citizens.