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Join us for a preview on some of the new Klingon voice work!

Hello Fleet Ops community! It's been a busy few months - with work on the game engine going full tilt, our primary content generator has been voice tables and voiceovers. In fact, over 50 vessels have complete voice sets (though if we include the Borg, we surpass that number significantly)! With typically between 40-60 unique lines per vessel, that's not just a lot of dialogue creation, but a ton of very impressive acting!

Although we are hoping to make an initial full Fleet Operations: NX release with three full blown factions and other fun features, we have been collecting voice overs for a fourth major faction: The Klingon Empire. That's not to say you won't see them in a later future release - if you can convince a Klingon raiding squad to join your forces, well, you better have some bloodwine at hand!

Armada II set a high threshold here, and of all the voice sets in that game, the Klingons are far and above our favorites. With grumpy tugs, and scout ships that act mightier than the baddest battleship, the Klingon voice sets are believable and fearsome. Unfortunately, the recordings are also of very poor audio quality and frequently repetitive. Klingons may speak to the point - but they have more than one point!

So, just as with all the voice sets in Fleet Operations, we've set out to create new Klingon ones as well. The Klingons are definitely one of the more challenging factions to voice. Not only is it difficult to create convincing voice tables that reflect that quintessential oh-so serious (and yet, oddly humorous) warrior mentality, but working with our talented voice artists to sculpt the most effective warrior voices can be a very long and yet always rewarding process.

With that, I'd like to introduce a few of our bravest Klingon warriors to you:

The Topmey


The NoQ'Duj


The B'rel


As a special extra note - in Armada II and Fleet Operations, you may recall that a captured vessel received a generic voice, complementary to the supposed role that ship would play in the player's own fleet. Your B'rels were captained by Saber officers, your Galaxys commanded by Negh'Var generals. That is no longer so. Instead, when you board a vessel with your Imperial marines, you can expect to have those seasoned officers take your orders, personally!

Here are some samples from the Klingon captured voice set - for when you decide, in glorious combat, to rouse your troops, achieve transport lock, and take no prisoners!