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For this year's April Fools we hailed the Miranda as the flagship of the Federation - join us now to discuss her true fate! No joke!

Long has it been since this vessel reared its (actually quite beautiful) head. One of the earliest positions we had taken as a development team was "no Miranda!", even though we received many requests to include her in Fleet Operations. With its 100+ year history, surely this ship would have been relegated to the scrap yards or sold off for spare parts.


Seen frequently in Next Generation and Deep Space 9, the ship typically served as cannon fodder or red-shirt graveyard, and quite often in a science-exploration setting.

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Despite this fall from its once proud position, the Miranda lives up to its name: its history is worthy to be admired and its story continues. In Fleet Operations lore, the Miranda's compact and secondary-hull-less power systems in fact lead directly into other modern ship systems, such as those of the Defiant and Nova classes.

Built in absolutely huge numbers, you could expect Mirandas to be flying about, just as we've seen the Excelsior. However, unlike the oft-modernized Excelsior, which would serve as admirals’ favorite ships for decades to come, the Miranda was never given this prominent position.

As a consequence, in Fleet Operations, we are proud to announce that the Miranda will serve as one of the first vessels we will introduce for a brand new feature: map events! In Star Trek, space is a place filled with aliens, anomalies and forsaken artifacts. This setting offers great potential for a strategy game like Fleet Operations! We envision maps being themed around particular star systems, which change how players might decide to play.

For instance, you could imagine a sector with an unusual set of nebulae. On this map - and only on this one - you are able to build a science ship from your main base, which you can escort to the nebula, do an exploration mission and bring the sensor readings back to your base for unique upgrades.

Or perhaps you find yourself on a map with wreckage from ancient Dominion War battles - you might find a stranded derelict ship, like the Miranda, and repair her back up to get some interesting long-lost technologies. Or maybe a Ferengi trader shows up and tells you of some pirated vessels that have been seen harassing key trade routes in the sector, which you could destroy or capture in exchange for some additional supplies. Those are just some ideas in our sketchbook, but you can be sure that you will have the chance to interact with ships like the Miranda!

Since we mentioned that it will be possible to command a Miranda, it wouldn't do to have that ship missing a suitable captain!

Even though Fleet Operations is a "serious" science fiction game... because Star Trek - we're allowed to have a little light hearted entertainment! The Miranda is such an ancient piece of technology that we cannot possibly have some fun at its (now admittedly tiny) expense. Here is a sampling of some of its wonderful voice work:


Join us next time to discuss voice overs in more depth!