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Transform your thinking: imagine exciting new tactical possibilities with the Norway and Excelsior II!

Last week we introduced Federation Platforms. As a consequence, we’ll talk a bit about some interesting synergies our new Platforms exhibit.

Let’s begin with the perimeter defense Norway.

The Norway is no longer a Support vessel and has instead been converted into an Allround unit. It comes standard with a beam weapon and a unique passive: “Remote Controlled Photon Torpedoes”.

Lacking the computing power to provide the type of accurate targeting analysis needed in war, this special launcher is remotely controlled by nearby Platforms (that includes any Platforms: Romulan, Federation, Borg, Klingon, Dominion!). As a result, in-range Platforms (even a Sensor or unupgraded Platform!) will provide targeting telemetry to the Norway, allowing it to boost its own damage. This allows a Federation player to use the Norway both defensively and even offensively - provided he or she (or an ally) has brought along some Mediterranean constructors or Platform-placing Newtons.

For generalized strategy, what this means is that you want to have at least one Platform for each strategic location. If your opponent comes knocking - or you establish a forward Platform - you'll be able to bring your formidable Photons to bear!

perimeter patterns

Similarly, the Norway’s special ability - Perimeter Patterns - enhances its Platform-meshing capabilities. Perimeter Patterns has two major effects. First, the ability allows the Norway to shrug off Platform weapons fire. This makes it possible to use the very fast Norway to raid Platform-defended expansions, while taking little return fire. Second, the ability allows the Norway to restore the shields of several Platforms while it is nearby. This allows the Norway to repair damage after a battle, or keep Platforms functioning during a close skirmish. While Norways can run to repair, a Platform is stationary and dependent on how long you can keep it functioning.

guided quantums

The second unit I want to introduce is the Excelsior II. This no-frills vessel is built straight out of the Eraudi Yard. As in 326, it is equipped with forward firing Quantum Torpedoes and a Phaser. However, in our next version, its ability - Guided Quantum Torpedoes - is not simply an ephemeral effect. Instead, it is toggleable and changes the Excelsior II to inherit a Platform Profile while active. While active, Guided Quantum Torpedoes disables the Excelsior II’s phaser and engines, while greatly boosting the offensive and (automated) guidance capabilities of its torpedoes. While in this Platform mode, the Excelsior II can’t actively choose targets, but it does allow a player to shell an enemy fleet, provide cover fire, or establish impromptu battle lines wherever you need them.

There are other unique synergies with Federation Platforms too, but we will talk about such items in later newsposts.

‘Till next time!