Saturday, 20 October 2012 Written by 

Patch 3.2.7 is now live! This version is an intermediate patch to fix several long standing Armada and Fleet Operations' bugs.


This patch - most importantly - fixes the frequent, frustrating multiplayer out of sync (OOS) problems, some of which that have been present since the first 3.0.0 release. These issues made playing cooperative AI games online nearly impossible without resulting in a desync and eliminated the possibility to use wormhole-rich multiplayer maps.
We would like to thank everybody profusely who was involved in those long and tedious (but fruitful!) hours of out of sync testing.
The multiplayer Tunngle integration is also fixed, allowing you to immediately jump into the correct Fleet Operations lobby to play online games!
Although this is not the long awaited next version - rest assured, 4.0 is still well on track. These bug fixes are a direct result of work on our next version.

3.2.7 comes as a full install. A previous installation of Fleet Operations or Armada II is NOT required. An incremental patch from earlier versions of Fleet Operations is not available.

Download Fleet Operations 3.2.7



- Updated Tunngle API to work with latest client versions

- Fixed 'uxtheme.dll' crash on game launch
- Multiplayer
  - Fixed 'Out of Sync' issue in consecutive games
  - Fixed 'Out of Sync' issue while boarding vessels
  - Fixed 'Out of Sync' issue with Borg AI players present
- Mapping
  - Fixed Directional light source color reverting back to white (again)