Official FO TeamSpeak Server

Monday, 24 October 2011 Written by 

Greetings fellow Fleet Operators!

After a lot of work from Zebh and Kamk a new TeamSpeak server has been prepared for use by the Fleet Ops community:

Server address:
(note, in case the address does not work for whatever reason:

This new server will be much more reliable (a real server with a good connection) and have more controlled settings. This should resolve the issue of trying to find a server that everybody can join at any time of the day/week as well as provide a better methodology for resolving commentator channel and inter-player issues.

Privileges are broken into three groups, which should make the server organization much clearer: server administrators have ultimate power and can be contacted to resolve situations in a hopefully unbiased fashion (a small number of administrators have been conscripted from each time zone – to better prevent misuse of administrator privileges), commentators can lock commentator channels (to prevent unwanted entries), and regular guests have access to all other features.

Other notable features:

  • Uploads are restricted to the upload/download channel so that it is much easier to find or replace them.

  • The ability to create semi-permanent channels has been disabled to prevent the large scale duplication/spamming of channels (temporary channels are still available with highest sound quality).

  • The server address is simple to remember!

  • "Scotty-bot" to find when players were last on

  • Nice Star Trek style server icons

The Official Fleet Ops team server is now fully operational (please, don't stare directly at the superlaser).

If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions, do not hesitate to give them :)

With that said, I hope to see you all online on the new server soon!  :thumbsup: