Megadroid's Mission Mod 1.0.1

Friday, 21 October 2011 Written by 

This release of MMM fixes some issues found in 1.0.0, as well as adding a few extra features. Of particular note is support for child mods (where MMM maps don't have to be in the main mod) and the addition of the Premonitions sample mission.

Another important change is the addition of the forced parameter for App:cineractiveFinish. If forced is true, the player has skipped the Cineractive. In App:cineractiveFinish you should make sure that the mission is the correct state (as if it had not been skipped). You can see this in the Premonitions code.

Unfortunately I had to change the Media and Camera classes to use a global instance instead of having static functions - so all Media/Camera function calls need to be changed to use colons instead of dots. This change was required so I can add more features to them in the future.

Follow the instructions on the Getting Started page to install MMM.

Direct Links:
MMM Mod folder Download


  • Premonitions Sample Mission

  • Child Mod support

  • EntityHook class

  • Cineractive skippable property (defaults to true)

  • Forced parameter added to App:cineractiveFinish

  • GameObject.specialEnergy property

  • GameObject.maxSpecialEnergy property

  • GameObject.specialEnergyValue property

  • TextInput.hooks property

  • TextInput:unhook functions

  • Added Media:stopSounds function


  • Cineractive skip changed to space bar

  • Entity updated to use EntityHook

  • Voiceovers no longer play when giving orders

  • Media class changed to have a global instance

  • Camera class changed to have a global instance

  • TextInput:hook function now takes an id

  • GameObject.hitpoints property changed to GameObject.hullValue

  • GameObject.maxHitpoints property changed to GameObject.maxHull

  • property changed to GameObject.hull


  • Fixed an issue with EntityFinder condition objects

  • Fixed paths having incorrect indices

  • Fixed Monitor not being passed to hook functions

  • Fixed an issue with unhook on Timer, Entity and TextInput

  • Fixed Cineractive calls crashing when not in cineractive mode