Fleet Operations 3.2.5

Wednesday, 08 June 2011 Written by 

3.2.5 is a small maintenance release targetted at the modding modules feature. Thanks everyone for your reports.

Patch 3.2.5 requires an installation of Fleet Operations 3.2.3 or 3.2.4

Download Fleet Operations Patch 3.2.5



  • Mouse and keyboard scroll speeds now have more logical default values. Also the maximum adjustable scroll speed has been increased
  • Modding
    • AssetVersion layout has been changed. Now also being displayed in the Mod Settings


  • After game start the view area could scroll to the left until the mouse was moved
  • FPQEdit
    • Column sorting wasn't working properly
  • Modding
    • AIP and Formation files still weren't loaded properly when using modification modules
  • Mapping
    • Directional light source color always reverted back to white