Fleet Operations 3.2.4

Wednesday, 01 June 2011 Written by 

Ok, here is a small maintenance release for 3.2.3 that primarily fixes some bugs in the new modding system, some minor memory leaks in older code and hopefully a very old Armada 2 crash bug.

Patch 3.2.4 requires an installation of Fleet Operations 3.2.3

Download Fleet Operations 3.2.4



  • FPQEdit

      [li]Added functions for moving and renaming files
    • File list can be filtered with a mask


  • Fixed a old Armada crash bug with the "DeathChantWeapon"

  • Minor memory leaks fixed

  • Modding

      [li]ODF.fpq now has correct file structure
    • AIP files weren't loaded properly when using modification modules