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Friday, 06 May 2011 Written by 

Hey everyone,

It has been a little over a week since the release of 3.2, so I wanted to put up a little post to talk about the design process of the Teutoburg class. 

The Teutoburg class is supposed to be a long range ship that uses it's torpedo barrage to attack enemy ships or stations.  So I wanted to create a ship around the size of the Akira class.  I also wanted her design also be a little reminiscent of the Akira class because of her reputation of having many torpedo bays.  So I decided to go with a circular saucer and two nacells underneath the body of the ship.  I wanted the ship to still have a modern, sovereign like feel to it.  So I decided to make the Teutoburg a blend of Akira and Sovereign attributes. 


One of the major design points for me was the torpedo bay.  The bay needed to be evil looking but also in line with Federation designs.  So I decided to go with a layered design for the torpedo attached to the bottom of the ship.  Since the torpedo bay is on the bottom, it allowed me to place the deflector on the top.  I always liked the idea of moving the deflector on the top of the ship, because it is definitely a point of of interest on a federation starship.  It was hard to make the ship feel Federation, but still be upside down. 

After I finished the model I moved on to the texture.  I used the Akira class as a sort of template for how I wanted the hull plates to look.  I made a render from above and drew out the design I wanted.  One of the specific design choices on the texture was to not have any phaser strips.  This is because the Teutoburg has no phasers and is just a torpedo ship. 


So here are my regular batch of nice renders of the Teutoburg, plus a beauty shot ready to become your next wallpaper ;)


One more treat for everyone.  I found a service online that allows you to get a 3d print from a 3d model.  So I decided to try it out and get the Teutoburg printed out.  The process involved a lot of trial and error to get the website to approve the design.  In the end, the model is 22.5 x 12.6 x 4.4 cm or 8.8 x 5.0 x 1.7 inches.  It is made of a hard, sandstone like material.  The pylons are pretty thin and the nacells and pretty fragile, but the detail is pretty amazing.  I hope you enjoy the photos of the model.  They are pretty expensive to make, so you won't see a lot of them, but some of my favorite designs may get a print out.