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Tuesday, 01 February 2011 Written by 

Good evening gents!

For quite some time now, people have requested a standardized manner of viewing Fleet Operations replays. I am pleased to state that this wait is now over :) .

Zebh has finished a glorious replay database that will allow you to - among many other things - watch multipart replays all together (without having to search for the next replay in a new window), find basic statistics on number of games played by people in the replays, know avatars, map size, FO version, as well as organize replays by those who played, by those who commented, by version, by map type, and even more neat options! There is also of course a full player list of all those who are in the replays, as well as a list of the maps. :)

In the spirit of the guide (and of course Douglas Adams’ creation) – share and enjoy!
FleetOps Video Database - The Hitchhiker's Guide to Fleet Operations

If you are entertaining ideas of becoming a Fleet Operations’ replay adder, feel free to contact us (your friendly neighborhood Guide Staff) so that you might add your commented replays to the database as well.  :thumbsup: