Wednesday, 01 September 2010 Written by 

I am going to discuss and show off a new ship that is going to be a part of the Federation redo.  You saw the beginnings of this ship on my blog as a Saber refit.  We took that design and decided to use it in another fashion.  She will appear as a Federation-Klingon Mixed tech ship and will be called the Okinawa class. 

As my other ships, I started with a sketch.  I took the original sketches from my Saber Refit and made them a little more bulky and tried to inspire the hull plating by the plating on Klingon ships.  The ships is going to focus on quantum pulse weapons, which I placed ports for on the underside of the ship.  They were designed to be sort of like the pulse disruptors on the B'rel. 


Then I moved onto the 3d model where I could expand on the armor plated look I was trying to go for.  I put tons of detail in the texture which you probably won't see in these dark renders, but I hope it comes through in game. 


You'll see the Okinawa in game with the rest of the Federation redo.