Call 3.1.1 Emergency

Tuesday, 19 January 2010 Written by 

First of all, thanks for all your feedback for the 3.1.0 release. Thanks to everyone who gave us their thoughts on this version and also to those who reported all the little bugs. I guess the biggest flaw in 3.1.0 were for some the non working save game function. This and other bugs should all be covered by the 3.1.1 patch we are releasing today. Despite 3.1.1 is more of a maintenance release to 3.1.0 we have also a few new features integrated notably the new phase armor plate upgrade for the Romulan Rhienn class. Four maps from our community maps forums have been added with this patch. Thanks Boggz, Chris and funnystuffpictures!

Patch 3.1.1 is only compatible with a previous 3.1.0 installation. Patching an earlier version (3.0.7 and below) results in a corrupt installation.

Download Fleet Operations Patch 3.1.1

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  • There are disturbing reports about Romulans experimenting with phase armor plates on Rhienn Class vessels. Check the Research Institute for details

  • AI Borg ship handling improved

  • Subsystem icons of active-over-time special weapons will now flash to show their changed status

  • New maps

      [li]Rain by Boggz
    • Malta II by Boggz

    • Hazard by Chris Bacchi

    • Allies by funnystuffpictures


  • Build queue delays don't abort the currently constructed ship anymore and get pushed on position 2 of the queue instead

  • Default "instant trading" values changed to more commonly used amounts

  • Multiplayer AI takeover now uses the Merciless AI

  • Federation

      [li]Assault Mode energy costs reduced to 159 (bf.: 249)
    • Canaveral Class costs increased to 308 dilithium, 343 tritanium and 14 supplies (bf.: 300, 285, 13) and construction time increased to 86 seconds (bf.: 80)

    • Norway Class (Admiral Mayson) costs increased to 329 dilithium, 304 tritanium and 14 supplies (bf.: 300, 285, 13)

    • Hyper Impulse Drive evasion boost is now more effective against small attackers

    • Platform construction time increased to 84 seconds (bf.: 70 seconds)

  • Dominion

      [li]Phase Shield energy costs reduced to 332 (bf.: 346)
    • T-15 Heavy Cruiser movement speed increased and costs increased to 382 dilithium, 107 tritanium and 40 supply (bf.: 330, 88, 34) and construction time increased to 80 seconds (bf.: 71)

    • A-26 Bomber movement speed increased and costs increased to 313 dilithium, 96 tritanium and 33 supply (bf.: 286, 86, 30) and construction time increased to 71 seconds (bf.: 66)

    • A-20 Attack Destroyer movement speed increased and costs increased to 220 dilithium, 70 tritanium and 28 supply (bf.: 201, 63, 24) and construction time increased to 61 seconds (bf.: 57)

    • S-2 Escort Cruiser movement speed increased and costs increased to 327 dilithium, 111 tritanium and 35 supply (bf.: 313, 105, 33) and construction time increased to 70 seconds (bf.: 67)

    • The Hyperspace Sensor System is now equipped with a long range Graviton-Tachyon Ping (bf.: short)

  • Klingon

      [li]Scout Station attributes increased to 20 Defensive Value and 9 System Value (bf.: 15 / 7) which allows the Scout Station to use all abilities as intended. Costs slightly increased
    • Imperial Stance energy costs reduced to 186 (bf.: 290)

    • SuS'a' Class movement speed decreased and costs reduced to 380 dilithium, 131 tritanium and 15 supply (bf.: 415, 145, 16) and construction time reduced to 67 seconds (bf.: 73)

  • Romulan

      [li]Slightly reduced all Romulan research costs
    • Auto Repair System energy costs reduced to 60 per second (bf.: 150). It is now the level 2 Leahval Class ability. It switched places with Advanced Energy Reeling

    • Advanced Energy Reeling redone: Now grants 10 Offensive Value and 10 Defensive Value. Reduces special energy regeneration, but improves all special abilities with additional effects. Lasts 20 seconds and costs less energy

    • Metaphasic Disruptor energy costs reduced to 125 (bf.: 139)


  • Fixed a crash when saving or loading a game

  • Some passive ability icons were not shown correctly on Dominion prototypes

  • Fixed a subsystem display issue on leveled up Federation Excelsior II Class vessels

  • Federation Veteran Galaxy Class vessels with Type 3 Torpedoes enabled now still show the correct Modified Photon Torpedoes icon

  • Fixed a crash loading a custom map with yard-objects

  • Solved several tooltip issues

  • Only up to 16 Ships could be added to a ship group by using ctrl+shift+(group number) instead of 30

  • Fixed crash with the map "Nebula Gate"

  • Fixed a minor sound file loading problem

  • Game mechanic

      [li]Breen research now remains unlocked if a Breen vessel ranks up
    • Some weapon effects were blocking station construction while firing

    • Maysons Eraudi Yards got their 30 second delays back

    • Fixed a bug causing special abilities to sometimes consume one point more energy as intended

    • Several location-bound area weapons dealt too much damage

    • The initial Dominion Worker Ships are now free as intended

    • Veteran Dominion Tetryon Spread now works as intended