Tunngle troubleshooting on Windows 8

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posted on October 31st, 2012, 3:30 am
The Windows 8 release is only a few days away, so I suspect we'll have some people here moving over to Microsoft's new OS. However, Tunngle doesn't play as nicely with Windows 8 as it did with 7, if the Release Preview I've been running is any indication. So here is what I've discovered, so hopefully you have an easier time than I did figuring this stuff out.

Here are the steps that solved my Tunngle problems:

- Go to the folder where Tunngle exe is located - for me this is
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C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Tunngle

- Right-click on Tunngle beta, go to Properties
- Go to the Compatibility tab
- Tick off Run the program in compatibility mode, then under that select Windows 7.
- Check off Privilege Level - Run this program as an Administrator
NOTE: After you do this, starting Tunngle will give you a security prompt asking if you want to let Tunngle make changes to your computer. This is because you are now running Tunngle as Admin. Select Yes each time to proceed.

I'm not sure if both run as Admin and Win7 compatibility are necessary, but doing both of those worked for me and I don't really care why it works, as long as it works.

When you install Tunngle and run it for the first time, you must "Allow sharing" in the network popup that is displayed. This is the Windows 8 equivalent of having to make Tunngle a "home network" in Windows 7.
posted on December 2nd, 2012, 7:11 am
Good on ya for posting this up. I have been having a tough time with Tunngle even when I used to have Windows 7. I'm at a loss now, unable to get it working :( I've posted on the website but no one's replied at this stage. I just wanna play Fleet Ops! :'(

http://www.tunngle.net/community/topic/ ... ntry981351

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