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posted on June 3rd, 2015, 10:49 am
Yes i use the same custom application profile in catalyst as you gave me some time ago makes it 90% better that's one good thing about NX should not need to do that be nice.

Yes i know they work for free and in there free time people get me wrong i think the Dev Team do a very good job (NOT A BAD ONE) on Fleet Ops only thing i find bad is that we do not get very much info of anything really to do with NX low the last bit of news said a bit of what they working on and whats been done so far.
posted on September 17th, 2015, 3:15 pm
O yes i'm back again now don't all hate on me i'm ONLY ASKING but maybe it's time for some more news last bit of news we got was over 4 months ago now just maybe Dom is just geting ready as i type this to upload some more news one can only wish :woot:
posted on September 17th, 2015, 3:40 pm
Wow was just looking at old patches the last big update to the game was all most 5 years ago didn't think it was that long ago o and yes this is -- the mini bug fixing patches over that time just talking about a mean big update to the game.

P.S lets hope it not 5 years more
posted on October 22nd, 2015, 2:32 pm
Well going on 6 months now still no new news or how it going on NX well there been nothing from the Dev Team lol are they still even working on it. I don't know not like they tell us the players anything well ill pop back in 6 months then just maybe there be some new news on how there doing what's going on. But i would guess no news just people bitching at me about this post.
posted on October 25th, 2015, 6:33 pm
I check this site often to see if there is any news or release but there never is.
posted on October 26th, 2015, 11:07 am
There is just not much we could show you at the moment.
NX has only a placeholder graphics engine currently. I understand, everyone here wants to see NX. However showing you screenshots wouldn't make any sense at this point. When we begun working on NX, we decided to do the graphics engine as the very last step before entering beta stage. Graphics is the feature that outdates the fastest.

Talking about the stuff we are working on currently would be boring for most people anyway. Besides making fancy news articles about boring stuff would eat away our spare time. Time in which we could write code instead. We know all the features that you wished for in all these years since FO's first release. There is not much we could discuss about these either, since the development plan for NX has long been fleshed out from these.
Since the announcement, NX is still at full steam. We have a clear goal we are working towards. Fancy graphics is the very last task we will do before entering beta stage. And as soon as we have reached this state, we want the community to be involved as much as possible again.
posted on October 29th, 2015, 3:41 pm
You say { We have a clear goal we are working towards } this means you have some time line/goal you wanna hit at time on what you hoping to get done and when your hoping on maybe hiting beta why not tell us this so we can have some time of when / more likely if ever NX will see the light of day.
posted on October 29th, 2015, 8:23 pm
That's a logical fallacy. Just because a goal is set does not mean that a deadline or target time for that goal has also been set, nor is a deadline always feasible.
posted on October 29th, 2015, 10:45 pm
DOCa Cola wrote:Talking about the stuff we are working on currently would be boring for most people anyway.

I know that you're reluctant to talk about the technical nitty-gritty of the engine, and screenshots are a non-starter until you have more than placeholders, but what about news posts that discuss how game mechanics might be different compared to what we're familiar with? For example, how resources and harvesting might not be the same. That kind of topic doesn't need fancy screenshots, and writing news blogs like that might clarify or spark ideas within the team.
posted on October 29th, 2015, 11:35 pm
Matt fuck man that's info your asking for there FUCKING NO HOPE sorry
posted on February 25th, 2016, 9:13 am
Too chatty, something as simple as "Moving" for a move command would be perfect. You dont need so many words for simple commands.
posted on June 17th, 2016, 11:54 am
I guess this is not the right place for it but i was looking at the FO Dev Team and is it only DOCa Cola doing Coding, Coordination on NX as the rest of them that was doing it are now inactive and the rest of the team that on the the team page do not do Coding, Coordination base on what you lot have put down as what they do or is this page of the website (OUT OF DATE)

If a dev can let me know when they have time that be nice.

P.S and if a Dev do get back to this post any little info they may with to tell us about how NX is coming we be very welcome. :woot: :P

No reply and i was hoping for so much :(
posted on December 7th, 2016, 12:57 am
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So Christmas 2016 is coming up it has been 562 days since Dominus_Noctis has made a news post about N-X

So will Dominus_Noctis/Dev team be giving us some news or a news post about N-X for Christmas?????

Or will i being saying,

So Christmas 2017 is coming up it has been 1124 days since Dominus_Noctis has made a news post about N-X

Lets hope it not the one above.

I look forward to hearing from you
Dominus_Noctis/Dev Team

As dose the rest of us i would think :D

Well been all most a week and they not/can't be ass to replay so not looking good for any news update or a news post from Dominus_Noctis i guess there say making a news post will take time away from making NX we been waiting over 2 years i'm sure no one will mind you taking a few hours out to type up a news post.

So i guess it going be this one you lot

So Christmas 2017 is coming up it has been 1124 days since Dominus_Noctis has made a news post about N-X
posted on December 7th, 2016, 1:08 am
Yeah, we really need a news update (anything at all would be good). Some time before 2017 would be nice.
posted on February 27th, 2017, 6:44 am
I see that the devs have been on somewhat recently and i know others have asked and i know you guys are all about keeping everything on the down low but at the very least could we know that you guys are still working on the nx project. :sweatdrop: :thumbsup:
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