Mining Freighters using the "CannonImp" Weapon Classlabel

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posted on April 16th, 2017, 7:20 am
Is this possible? I've been trying to mod the Klingon Topmey to be a sort of independent "war freighter" that is capable of going on expeditions on its own to gather resources without the need of a refinery station. The idea is to have the ship orbit a moon and add the resource directly to the pool. Because "cannonimp" allows for resource reduction/addition per shot (as per the "[resource]Cost" command) I figured I would just use this weapon classlabel. I also wanted the beam to fire 4 times in 1.5-second intervals with a 7-second cooldown to simulate the resource being "added" to the pool.

Unfortunately, the ship just circles the moon without firing its mining beam on the moon even though I specified that the weapon should only ever fire on moons. I'm stumped. Here is the obligatory weapon/ordinance file. Also, I'm doing this on the Fleet Ops: Armada 2 classic mod, so be aware that this is why some of the .odf file names aren't in a FLOps format.


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shotdelay0 = 0.25
special = 0
classlabel = "cannonimp"
needtarget = 1
speakonattack = 0
attackspeech = 0
basetargets = 1
usePrimaryTarget = 1


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#include "impcannon.odf"
shotcycleresettime = 7
shotdelay0 = 1.5
shotdelay1 = 1.5
shotdelay2 = 1.5
shotdelay3 = 7
basetargets = 0
firesound = "msmine.wav"
needtarget = 1
range = 180.0f
buttonslot = 0
special = 0
animateOwner = 1


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#include "kmine.odf"
basetargets = 0
   "mdmoon.odf" 1
   "mdmoon1.odf" 1
   "mdmoon2.odf" 1
   "mdmoon3.odf" 1   
   "mdmooninf.odf" 1
dilithiumCost = -25
ordName = "kminedilo"


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//Standard dil beam mining ord file
#include "mineDilithium.odf"

//No dilithium from actual beam, just an effect
damageBase = 0

Also, don't judge on the numbers I used for resource gathering purposes, they are just placeholders. :lol:

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