Fleet Operations: Tactical Maneuvers

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posted on April 23rd, 2023, 6:40 pm
Formerly called Tryptic's Mod, Tactical Maneuvers is entering the next stage of its development. All primary systems are online and functional, and what remains is the cool stuff: Special stations for each race, additional Mixed-Technology variants, and refinements to visual/sound effects.

Tactical Maneuvers is now hosted on ModDB and can be found here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/fleet-operat ... -maneuvers
posted on April 23rd, 2023, 6:41 pm
Version 4.3.1 is complete. This version of Tactical Maneuvers brings the Borg faction very close to its final state. The Borg special station has been added: the Transwarp Matrix allows them to call in their ships as warp-ins rather than building them. Ships called in this way cost full price (Assimilators do not receive their Avatar bonus) and drain the station's energy, such that a larger vessel can be called in about every 90-109 seconds.

This mechanic adds significant flexibility to the Borg lategame, allowing them to replace their combat losses in a limited but immediate way. In Tactical Maneuvers, replacing lost ships is cheaper for the Borg than expanding their fleet: this station provides the final piece in the Borg fleet's ability to fight repeated, large-scale battles and remain combat effective.

The Cube now follows the new scheme for all Borg ships: it is built in a "vanilla" state and can activate modules to change its combat stats. It can return to the Conduction Matrix and use the Remodulate ability to reset its modules and activate a different combination.

The Tactical Cube is the only ship (aside from the Pyramid) which cannot be called in via Warp-in. It has no modular options, no Holding Beam or ability to cast Nanites, only raw combat ability. It gains special bonuses depending on the player's Avatar (Energy draining beams for Optimize, Nanite disabling torpedoes for Assimilate)

The AI behavior for all races has been refined in version 4.3.1: it will now send fewer ships on random missions across the map and leave fewer ships at home. As a result, the AI forms larger fleets and uses them more decisively; its build handicaps have been nerfed slightly to compensate for its improved aggression.

4.3.1 minor changes
-tweaked stats for many Mixed Tech ships, mostly increasing stat bonuses for smaller ships
-added Mixed Tech variant: D'Deridex (Federation tech)
-added Mixed Tech variant: Cehlaer (Dominion tech)
-fixed Borg sensor relays spawning with the health level of their ship
-fixed a stall in Dominion AI 2 (Puretech B-5s)
-fixed Sovereign torpedoes firing too quickly
-fixed Mijurial D'Deridex Officer passive dealing no damage
posted on June 4th, 2023, 6:51 pm
Version 4.3.3 is now available on ModDB. I missed posting here for 4.3.2, so I've added the patch notes for that version as well:

New ship variant: B-5 War Frigate with Federation tech
+2 Offense, +6 Defense
-gains High Density Shield Generators (40% resistance vs Long range)
-gains Quantum torpedoes and increased Torpedo damage

New ship variant: T-15 Heavy Cruiser with Romulan tech
+3 Offense, +6 System
-Pulse weapons replaced by Projectile weapons
-Gains Quadcobalt torpedoes in Conquest mode (deals area damage)

-fixed Borg ships canceling orders when activating a module
-fixed Federation Torpedo Platform not counting as Long range
-fixed a crash with the Veteran Ktinga (again)
-fixed Polaron Field not disabling subsystems
-fixed several icons/tooltips

Balance Changes
-added menu option for unlimited Veterans
-slightly lowered Tritanium ratio of Scoutcube, Dodecahedron, Adaptor, and Diamond
-removed cooldown from Bring Order to Chaos ability and improved AI usage
-Borg adaption upgrades: level 1,3 cost increased, level 4-5 cost reduced
-Borg sensor/engine upgrades no longer require adaption upgrades
-Borg Probe model size reduced
-Dominion AT Charges no longer target scout ships (but can hit them with AoE)
-Dominion A-20 Destroyer: added Fast Tracking Computers (bonus damage to Short range)
-slightly lowered Tritanium ratio of A-20 Destroyer, Breen Cruiser, T-15, and B-5
-Klingon Field Yard build time increased 40->50 seconds
-Klingon Trial by Combat ships do not turn hostile until they finish arriving
-Projectile weapons deal reduced damage to Defense <20, increased damage to Defense 21-35

-Borg AI will now build Transwarp Matrix and call in Spheres, Diamonds, and Cubes
-various AI builds tweaked for consistency

This version completes the Dominion Experimental Yard rework. The Experimental Yard
now functions similarly to the Construction Yard: it begins with the ability to build
Dreadnoughts (the Dominion Experimental unit) and can be upgraded to Level 2 and 3 in
order to build Bombers, Escorts, Interceptors, and Warfrigates with other faction tech.

Regular yards also gain the ability to build Mixed Tech variants once they are available.
Since the Experimental Yard is limited to smaller ships, the larger MT variants can only
be built from the Large Construction Yard alongside their regular versions.

New ship variant: B-5 Battlecruiser with Klingon tech
-gains Manual Targeting passive
-gains Polaron Torpedo special
-gains Supplies upon ranku-up (also applies to Klingon tech B-26 Bomber)

Hyperspace Sensor Station renamed to Hyperspace Communications Center, 3 new abilities added:
-Gamma Quadrant Scout Force (300 Supply): calls in 2 Intercept Destroyers, 2 Escort Cruisers, and 6 Attack Destroyers
-Gamma Quadrant Strike Force (600 Supply): calls in 2 Siege Cruisers, 4 Battle Cruisers, and 4 Heavy Cruisers
-Gamma Quadrant Invasion Force (1200 Supply)(Puretech): calls in 4 Defenders, 2 Siege Cruisers, and 4 V-13 Battleships
-Gamma Quadrant Invasion Force (1200 Supply)(Breen): calls in 4 Breen Battleships, 2 Siege Cruisers, and 4 V-13 Battleships

New ship Formations
-Block formation: fleet forms a rectangle 6 ships wide, behind the selected point
-Wide formation: fleet forms a rectangle 10 ships wide
-Stacked formation: fleet forms a vertical line, 6 ships wide and 3 ships tall

-fixed crash when using Hyperspace Artillery on an AI starbase
-fixed Torpedoes not missing adaptors and dodecahedrons
-fixed Mijurial Tavara not building properly with Supply Depot
-fixed Diamond not granting vision bonus to Dodecahedron Relays
-fixed Remore Point Defense special not shooting down many Borg torpedoes

-improved pathing for Borg stations, Cubes, and Romulan Warbirds
-reduced Sphere/Cube Deflector Dominator energy drain from 20 to 10 per second
-reduced Hyperspace Artillery build time from 100 to 30 seconds (more adjustments to come)

New ODF Generator - Version 1.7
-added Targeting generator to modify weapon valid targets and hit chances
-added function to Ordinance generator to update Point Defense special weapon
posted on June 9th, 2023, 7:09 am
It's going very well. Thank you.


Screenshot_2023-06-09_10-04-33.png (854.15 KiB) Viewed 1269 times
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posted on September 26th, 2023, 12:18 pm
Are there any new updates on this mod?
posted on September 28th, 2023, 9:13 pm
There will be soon!

We had some more modders join us on the Discord, and I went on a tangent to see if I could convert TM to use the partially complete V4 launcher. Unfortunately it isn't ready yet.

I went back and continued developing in 3.2.7, so the next version of TM should be out soon. I'm hunting for crash bugs at the moment.
posted on October 1st, 2023, 9:18 pm
Version 4.3.4 is now complete and up on ModDB! Not all of my new ideas made it into this version, but the ones that did should be stable and effective.

https://www.moddb.com/mods/fleet-operat ... nloadsform


-Adds Build Time to all build tooltips

-Borg miner build time increased 20->30 seconds
-Borg ship build costs increased by roughly 10%, 25% for Diamonds

-Borg ships under construction now have full hp. However, they keep their current damage level
when construction completes, and construction cannot be canceled.

-Borg Mixed Technology options added in the form of Tactical Cube modules. The Tac Cube can
activate one of four modules, each of which gives it 40% resistance against weapons from a
single faction. The normal Tactical Plates effect is disabled while this is active.

-Generix class vessels can now be refitted into Generix Singularity refits

-fixed a large number of small tooltip mistakes
-fixed missing Borg ship explosions
-fixed EM Blast radius being too small
-fixed Bring Order to Chaos affecting closest ship instead of designated target
-fixed Tavara Spectre passive dealing infinite damage to ships with spies

S-2 Escort Cruiser: Officer bonus changed from extra Pulse weapon to Auto-repair systems (V-13)
B-8 War Frigate: Officer bonus changed from Breaching Shot to Implosion Device (T-15)
B-5 Battle Cruiser - Klingon Tech: Torpedoes changed to Photon Racks
Kbeajq - Reduced build cost

-Borg AI 2 (Dodecahedrons) and 3 (Adaptors) will advance to larger ships more quickly
-Romulan AI should decloak all of its ships more often, preventing large cloaked fleets

Note: there is an issue that may occur with this version, caused by Fleet Ops configuration settings. If you find yourself unable to build anything after the first few ships and stations, you will need to start a new game after going into Advanced settings and re-selecting either Veterans Normal or Veterans Unlimited.
posted on October 16th, 2023, 5:54 am
This version makes a big change to the Borg economy, requiring them to upgrade their Conduction Matrix before building larger ships.  The original Fleet Operations mod placed brutal restrictions on Borg ship-building, and since Tactical Maneuvers removes those limits, the Borg were somewhat out of control.  This change should bring their infrastructure spending more in line with the other factions.

The Federation faction tuning is coming along, with its mixed-tech variants being gradually filled out.  The Canaveral still needs some attention which has been pushed off due to the next version, due to how experimental it will be.

The Klingons and Romulans both receive buffs to their mid- and late-game ship building. The Romulans in particular may receive more buffs over time, in the form of bringing down their ship costs.


-fixed most Veteran ships not counting against the limit
-fixed Implosion Device firing faster than it should
-fixed crash when going to the menu after using Replicate Dilithium or Replicate Tritanium
-fixed Mayson being unable to build Galaxy
-fixed Mayson Sovereign getting Risner Offense bonus
-fixed Mijurial being unable to build D'Deridex with Supply Depot

Conduction Matrix now begins as Basic Conduction Matrix: builds Small Vinculums
-Upgrade to Conduction Matrix: 1000/500, 30 seconds: builds Small/Medium Vinculums
-Upgrade to Advanced Conduction Matrix: 1200/600, 30 seconds: builds Small/Medium/Large Vinculums
-Sphere no longer requires Adaption Matrix
-Adaption Matrix cost reduced 800/800->600/600
-Transmission Matrix cost reduced 1200/1200->800/800

-increased Dominion Construction Yard upgrade time 10->15 seconds
-increased Dominion Large Yard upgrade time 15->20 seconds
-increased Federation Antares yard build time 50->60 seconds
-Federation Excelsior II's Guided Quantum Torpedoes now adds +20% damage vs Large but has 20% miss chance vs Small
-Federation Descent's Shield Reset now affects itself (again)
-increased Klingon Kahless Station with Heavy Weaponry Offense 130->190
-increased Klingon Battle Yard build strength 7.5->9
-increased Klingon Imperial Yard build strength 9->11
-increased Klingon Imperial Yard build cost 9->11 800/400->1000/500
-increased Neghvar's Speed 110->120
-reduced Romulan Warbird yard build cost 1200/600->1000/5000
-reduced all Romulan Warbird build costs by about 4%

-added build time tooltips to upgrades/research missed in the first pass
-Borg-tech S-2 Escort updated: adds EM Dome special ability
-Federation Outpost footprint adjusted north to match other starbases
-Federation Risner's Galaxy class now receives avatar bonuses
-Borg-tech Intrepid updated: adds disabling nanites to torpedoes and Tricobalt Torpedo
-Borg-tech Remore removed
-Klingon-tech Excelsior II added: reduces speed penalty during Guided Quantum Torpedoes
-Borg-tech Sovereign added: adds disabling nanites to torpedoes and Distortion Field
-Klingon-tech Excelsior II added: gains AP Torpedoes
-Romulan-tech Defiant can now be built from Eraudi Yard

-Borg module buttons are now visible while multiple ships are selected
-Borg Tactical Cube now has an icon when its plates are adapted
-Federation Outpost Enhanced Defenses hotkey changed from Shift-D to Shift-E
-Replicate Dilithium hotkey added: Shift-D
-Replicate Tritanium hotkey added: Shift-T
-all Mixed-tech variant build hotkeys changed to Shift + their regular build hotkey

-All AI build miners/mining stations more slowly: destroying AI mining will have a greater effect on its progress.
-All AI build slightly more mining ships
-Borg AI warp-in frequency lowered from every 5 minutes to every 6 minutes
-Dominion AI warp-in frequency fixed: now calls one every 10 minutes
-fixed Klingon AI sometimes being unable to reach endgame ships
-re-added Klingon B'rel rush strategy which had been removed for testing

https://www.moddb.com/mods/fleet-operat ... nloadsform
posted on May 2nd, 2024, 4:58 am
Are there any news about this mod?
posted on May 2nd, 2024, 6:28 am
Actually, yes! The next version is almost finished.

I've been working with Jan B of the Roots mod; he took the unfinished Fleet Ops V4 and did a lot of updates to the engine, and Tactical Maneuvers will use it starting with the next release.

This comes with a bunch of small improvements, like visual indicators for rally points and repair orders, cooldowns visible on special weapon buttons, improved AI behavior, and a few more that I can't recall off the top of my head. Right now he's trying to stop ships on medium movement autonomy from chasing after enemies that hit them from afar.

On the downside, such a drastic change in the code means that this version took a lot of work and will probably have a lot of bugs. I'm doing a much longer testing cycle than usual but it will probably still have a few when it releases.
posted on May 2nd, 2024, 11:26 am
Thanks for your reply - sounds good :)
posted on May 4th, 2024, 3:51 pm
I've put out a test version of TM, which you can get here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8jnzalxq ... n.zip/file

This version is missing a lot of graphics stuff (for example the main screen says Roots on it) and the full TM Version 5.0.0 release will be a whole lot cleaner. This is just for people willing to test it out and report any crashes or bugs you find, since the last time I did a code overhaul this big, there were a whole ton of bugs that took me forever to find.

This test version should be much more stable than that overhaul...but you know how it goes XD
posted on May 6th, 2024, 11:18 am
Who all plays roots online?

Ive been able to get ROOTs to work just not regular fleet OPS. :D
posted on May 7th, 2024, 12:35 pm
Don't know what's going on, but it seems that a Malware.Heuristic.2046 ransomware is in your zip! :o
posted on May 10th, 2024, 12:00 pm
Ouch, best delete it for now. :/

I downloaded roots like 8 ish days ago and several different things didn't pick up anything.
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