My mini Armada 1 SP mod (old, re-upload)

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posted on December 8th, 2018, 3:46 am
Now that Armada 1 is fully playable on Windows8/10, I re-uploaded my old armada 1 mod here:!ZYZhzKib!6xEmvNVVgIAn ... LW6VUwzmMU

This mod replaces some models and textures to improve visual quality. Added some ships but not balanced very well, so please post you sugguestions if you have better ideas. Thanks!


Code: Select all
9 of 9 - Ambassador, Defiant, steamrunner, intrepid, akira, nova, galaxy, b'rel, k'vort, Jem'Hadar attackship, tactical cube, Toral's Negh'var.
Deemon - Norway, Nebula, Vor'cha, Negh'var, DS9, Voodieh, Hideki, Dominion dreadnought, Cardassian shipyard.
Redragon - Norexan, Dominion battlecruiser.
Admiral - Sovereign
Capt Fingers - Venture Class.
Twitch - Renegade ship
Mad Doc Softwares - k'tinga, galor, keldon, Saber class (Armada II).
Author unknown - breen warship, quantum torpedo.
Jc - photon torpedo.
Fallen warrior - planet textures.
Dawn - most wireframes.
Pepperman - Norexan wireframe.
Kaboom - most build buttons.
Captain Elgy - space backgrounds.

If you know any of the modders that doesn't want his works included in other mods, please inform me.
posted on December 8th, 2018, 7:53 am
Hi. That's amazing. Maybe I can try to run your game under Linux too. By the way, I managed to run ST Armada 2 and Fleet Operations Beta under Linux.

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