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posted on February 25th, 2022, 9:41 pm
While working on singleplayer missions I noticed there are no save and load buttons in the menu during a singleplayer game. Even in the Armada II Classic Mod they're missing. Is there an easy way to bring them back or have they been hardcoded out of the game in Fleet Ops?

EDIT1: I found Ctrl+S still works to save a game, though Ctrl+O does not work to load one. Loading a savegame of a mission from the singleplayer or instant action menus does work though.

EDIT2: I'm pretty sure this behavior is handled in the FleetOpsHook.dll file. I found references to the buttons and processes for the menu but couldn't figure out why the menus are different between the instant action and singleplayer modes. If I knew precisely how and where that split occurs I could fix it with a hex editor.

EDIT3: It seems to be solved when I use the 4.0 version of Fleet Ops, as suggested here:

Link to the 4.0 version:

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