Shield and hull strength bug in map editor

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posted on February 25th, 2022, 7:42 pm
I'm running into an annoying problem when using the map editor to create singleplayer scenarios (though I've confirm it also happens on multiplayer maps when you add ships to the map).

Ships and stations will always revert to having the same values for maximum hull and shield strengths. This generally means that ships placed using the editor have much weaker shields than ships build during a game. Selecting the unit in the editor and clicking "restore class" will fix it, but not permanently (once you reload the map, or restart the mission the problem appears again). Researching a shield upgrade during a game will fix the issue during that game. This bug also means shield values can't be made lower than the hull strength (which would be useful for objects that have to be captured to complete a mission).

I think this is related to when you load a savegame all the shields going red and then recharging.

Setting int cfgRELOAD_OBJECT_CLASSES = 1; in the RTS.cfg file does not seem to solve the problem.

Does anyone know how to fix this, or get around it or why it happens?

EDIT1: I found a dirty workaround. I created an odf file of a shield upgrade research pod with upgrademultiplier = 1.0 and add that to each team/player at the beginning of each mission script using Entity.add(). Following this up with a function that resets shields to full strengths ( .shields = 1.0 for a loop over all the craft type entities) instantly recharges them to full strength so the player doesn't notice anything. Shields upgrades can still be researched afterwards and are fully functional.

EDIT2: The problem seems to be resolved in Fleet Ops 4.0

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