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posted on March 15th, 2018, 4:40 am
Hello all.

I have returned.

Allow me to explain. I used to frequent these forums many years ago under the username Lt.Cmdr Worf. As it has been YEARS since I logged in, a memory purge seems to have erased my previous account. So i have created a new one using a different name .

My old computer I built died many moons ago and about a year ago I was able to retrieve all of my Armada files for use on a new Windows 10 powered computer. I am attempting to get my personal mod up and running again but I seem to be encountering some difficulties. I am able to load Instant Action games but not able to play more than a few moments before the game completely freezes. I am not having the AI build anything so it is not a tech tree problem (can't believe I still remember some of this stuff) I think it is some sort of compatibility error with Windows 10 and such an old game.. nearly 20years old now. I just updated my Graphics drivers and got my sound working through HDMI. I have not attempted to run standard Fleet Ops, just my personal mod. The problem began when I attempted to view the game in Cinematic View by pressing the 'Caps Lock' key. The game then freezes and thats it. No crash. No bug report. Nothing. I am running the game in Windows 8 compatibility, but i'm not sure if that is correct. Or if i need other files in my mod folder to keep the game running smoothly. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Sisko out.

Edit: There are some instances where I am able to play for a bit longer and have been testing a few ship to ship battles out. However, graphics wise I have multiple LODs for some ships, but fully zoomed in some of the ships seem sort of transparent, like the engine is not rendering the textures correctly. i sense this is also an issue with the games outdated engine not being fully compatible with the new graphics cards. Any suggestions for this as well? Again thank you in advance.

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