Problems putting in selectall sprite for added race.

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posted on September 30th, 2018, 12:59 am
In my personal mod the Cardassians for some reason default to have the Borg Selectall sprite.

Inside the Cardassian race odf:

name = "Card"

in the fleetops sprite file:

selectall_Card select_all_Cardassians 0 0 512 512
@sprite_node selallCard selectall_Cardassians const (80,80) (1,1,1) billboard

Did I do anything wrong???
posted on September 30th, 2018, 1:13 pm
You will need a new (albeit somewhat blank) selection.sod file to match. So in this case, named selectall_Card

I prefer to hex edit them myself, although it means I have to have exactly the same length entries. This is why in my sprites I have "selallLLLyranEmpire" and "selallHHydranEmpire" (notice the extra letters) so they're the same length

EDIT: image was displayed too small. Try this

You see, it's the selection sod that is actually loaded, and by default it's essentially an empty 3d model that merely projects a 2d sprite. You are defining that sprite in the sprite entry, thats the "selallCard" part. The next bit, selectall_Cardassians, is the name of your tga file. So you're saying "the sprite entry is called selallCard, and it uses the tga file called selectall_Cardassians."

The game then detects that you have a selection.sod of the right name (it's hardcoded to select_RACENAME, so in your case select_card), loads that SOD, which references the sprite you coded, which pulls that texture file and displays it :)

I emailed you a hex edited SOD file, the texture file required and the sprite entries. Should all work fine :)

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