Asynchronous Cursor crash

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posted on July 15th, 2018, 11:46 pm
I originally thought this problem had to do with a mod I had installed so there are posts concerning it on the A2 Upgrade Project 2014 thread as well.

So, I did find a workaround for this crashing issue I was having with Stock FO.

A couple months ago, shortly after installing the first mod for FO I had ever bothered with, I found that unmodded FO started crashing shortly after launching an instant action, or multiplayer (LAN) game. Later I discovered that the crash was not relating to launching the game, but moving the mouse cursor. So after many fresh installs, deleting the FO folder many times, updating various drivers and other common troubleshooting steps, I found that disabling the asynchronous cursor feature under graphics options will resolve the issue. This worked on both computers, which aside from windows 10, have very different builds, so hopefully if any of you have this issue, it will help as well.

if you have a problem with FO crashing when the mouse is moved after launching, go into options in FO, then graphics settings, and uncheck the box for asynchronous cursor.

This box is checked by default on install, and didn't cause me any problems until a couple months ago, but for some reason the game crashes now whenever a game is running and the mouse is moved. Unchecking the asynchronous cursor box seems to resolve the issue.

I have also noticed that I now have to run FO as an administrator, and agree to let it make changes to my computer on each launch.

This happened to me on both computers running windows 10 at roughly the same time. (within a day of each other).

If anyone finds a better solution, please reply to this post to let me know.

Thank You, and happy gaming.

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