Armada2.exe technical side note (no-cd patches, virus alerts

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posted on November 29th, 2010, 5:36 pm
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Since 3.1.4 and newer you may have noticed the Armada2.exe file is not the one from a stock installation. The actual Armada2 executable has been just renamed to "Armada2.LDL". 3.1.4 uses a non intrusive loader that allows breaking the 2GB ram limit of 32bit applications which allows Armada 2 use up to 3GB of ram. Using a loader here is the only possibility doing that without "hard-"modifying the actual executable which we like to avoid. If you happen to want to replace the Armada2 executable for whatever reason (in 99% that'll be a no-cd patch) please make sure you replace the Armada2.LDL file instead of the Armada2.exe file.
Some virus scanners may identify the Armada2.exe loader as a potential threat due to the techniques used modifying the stock Armada 2 executable. So if you run into problems during installation it is recommended to temporarily disable your anti-virus scanner and whitelist the armada2.exe afterwards. Please consider reporting the Armada2.exe as "false positive" to the developers of your anti-virus software. That usually includes sending in the file the anti-virus developer where it then will be analyzed. That can often be done through your anti virus software when the file got quarantined and may have different names like 'send in for analysis'.

Still: If you happen to want to not use the loader for whatever reason (let it be technical problems), just delete the Armada2.exe and rename the Armada2.LDL file to "Armada2.exe". Using the loader is fully optional. Your only disadvantage will be the 2GB ram limit and some nice icons.

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