A special weapon that drains the user's special energy?

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posted on August 26th, 2019, 11:48 am
I want to make a special weapon that buffs the user's stats (basically uses a different ship ODF), but gradually eats up the special energy until it's cancelled.
First I tried a simple replaceweapon and the new ship had a negative specialenergyrate, bu it turns out that negative numbers mean simply 0 which is not what I wanted to achieve. Anyone has any idea how to circumvent this issue?
posted on September 1st, 2019, 5:18 am
Well, if you wanted it to automatically replace back when it hits 0 energy, that's way harder to do. But if it just need to drain down until it hits 0 and then stay at 0 until it transforms back, you could have the first replaceweapon also drop a pod that fires a microorganism at it with an energy draining effect.

I'm not sure if the microorganism goes away when replaceweapon fires. If so, you could just use the single trigger with a really long duration and it'll be alright since it drops when the ship replaces back. If it persists, you'd need to have the ship continually drop pods that fire new microorganisms.

I know it's a gross solution, but I know from talking to the devs back in the day that the weapons firing and pods being created take very little processing power when there isn't a visual effect involved. The game can handle it just fine without slowing down.

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