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posted on February 22nd, 2016, 12:53 pm
The list of mixed tech units it fairly long on the strategy guide, but understanding how all the mixed tech works can be a little confusing?! :'( :pinch: ???

In Tryptic's mod, you appear to be able to build the mixed tech yard (at least with feds) from the get go without capturing any ship or undertaking mixed tech research.

This yard builds 5 vessles:

Miranda II
Monsoon - Klingon
Defiant - Romulan
Intrepid - Borg
Akira - Dominion

(correct me if I am wrong).

To build anything but the Miranda II you do have to undertake research.

However! The list on the Hitchhiker's strategy guide give a much wider list of ships, and the ones from the tech yard are not split into one ship with technology from one race:

Monsoon - Borg & Klingon
Intrepid - Borg Only
Defiant - Romulan & Klingon
Akira - Dominion Only

And then...?!

Ramore - Borg... from where?
Canaveral - Romulan
Excelsior II - Romulan
Mandril - Dominion
Newton - Kingon

How does one gain access to these refits for this last set of ships, or are they only in Fleet Ops pure Version 3.2.7?

Any help in explaining would be super brilly! Thanks!
posted on February 22nd, 2016, 7:08 pm
I'm fairly certain that everything in the Fleet Ops guide is for standard Fleet Ops 3.2.7, and thus wouldn't include Tryptic's mod.

Regardless, the other mixed-tech vessels you have described are indeed from non-modded Fleet Ops 3.2.7, and thus don't appear in Tryptic's mod (not that I've seen, anyway). -_-
posted on February 22nd, 2016, 11:34 pm
For anything specific to Tryptic's mod, I would suggest that you send him a PM. His profile is here.
posted on February 22nd, 2016, 11:37 pm
Thanks guys :)
posted on February 26th, 2016, 3:36 pm
I'm sorry that my work on Tryptic's Mod has been a bit scattered and undocumented. Here's a quick overview:

In 3.2.7, each race has a Mixed-Tech yard for each other race. You can access this yard by either beginning the game with an ally of that race, or by building it from a constructor that you capture.

There is also a single technology called "Alien Technology" that must be researched from the yard before it can build ships. Researching this from any yard will unlock Mixed-Tech ships from all of them.

Mixed-Tech ships are all ships from the faction with minor tweaks or different special abilities, however each race also has a unique ship that can only be accessed through Mixed-Tech:

Dominion - Dreadnought (any race, different bonuses each race)
Fedration - Miranda II (Dominion)
Klingon - E'Djen (Federation)
Romulan - Saeihr (Klingon)
Borg has no Mixed Tech ships, but the facility acts as a repair yard for ships they have captured

In Tryptic's Mod, the layout has changed. There is only one Mixed-Tech yard per race. Some races are able to build it sooner than others based on their tech trees.

By default, the Mixed-Tech yard can build your race's unique Mixed-Tech ship without any additional technology. Each other race you obtain technology for will unlock an additional ship.

Alien Technology can be unlocked in 2 ways. It can either be researched at the yard for a fee, or transferred from a construction ship. Each construction ship now has a special ability called "Transmit Technology" that can only target starbases. You can use this ability on your ally's starbase to give them your race's mixed-tech, or you can use a captured constructor to transfer technology to your own starbase.

Starbases in Tryptic's Mod have 4 icons next to their image for the 4 other races. These will be gray when you do not have that race's Mixed Tech, and turn green when you obtain it.

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