Battlepit Defense vs 3 Fed Merciless AI.

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posted on May 1st, 2011, 6:18 pm
What a fantastic little map. How long as this been there? Maybe I was looking just at Battlepit. Battlepit Defense has the one start point on the bottom with uber amounts of resources! 9 tritanium and dilithium moons!

While I believe Blue Amber is more of a strategic map, and the asteroid belts offer some nice roundabouts... battlepit defense just gives you so much.

I played with shroud/fog off, and just tore through 3 Fed Mercies as Klingons. I am fairly confident you could do this with shroud/fog on as well.

Queue 2 extra chor, and topmey spam. Whatever side you are on, go refinery spam. Then load them up with miners. Tritanium first. Fill up the bottom with just the dilithium, then go to the dilithium on the other side. Then fill up the tritanium moons.

Don't build research station for a while. Build one kbeajq extension to start.

Fortify the entrance with a line of starbases. I think I had somewhere in the region of 8-9. I built them between the belts. It didn't fit perfect, so my last one at the end gave a bit of a gap, and I built a starbase below it. To fill up the space I built 6 HWPs. Also at the other corner incase they tried to sneak through there. Upgrade your starbases. They can take barrage after barrage of fleets. Steadily build up some fleets, and go AI huntin'.

Blue Amber is more fun though. You don't have the invincible defense option. You can kind of control where they attack you in that map, but you still face threats from many possible avenues of attack.

I might go for a new record! 4 Fed Mercy AIs. All at the top. They mostly stay inside the four moon space. They can't expand anywhere else. Whereas you get 9 moons each to their 2. Fantastic.

They will attack you before you get all your starbases up. They were coming steady and I had two spots not started. But you amass a small modest fleet by then, and eventually can get the starbase wall complete, and a few turrets up.
posted on May 20th, 2011, 3:48 pm
Is this possible with a different lineup?

I tried to do it with Fed on this map, the Borg just ignore my stations and harass my eco, other races take my defense down pretty early, or harass my eco as well.

Only thing i succeeded with was Fed vs 3 Merci Borg on Central Point (due the very small entrance)

What was your BTO on Battlepit Defense? I mean: how did you manage to stay alive till you got 8-9 starbases?
posted on May 20th, 2011, 4:55 pm
Borg would be significantly harder I think. So would if you play against romulans. They can cloak passed you. Dominion and Feds shouldnt be a problem though.

I also did this playing as Romulans, with their starbases, its a perfect fit between the two asteroid belts.

Did you try the game with Klingons vs 3 Fed Mercies?

First build a couple extra contructors (only gives difficulty to borg, as they don't have many to start, and the new constructors are expensive). Build 1 yard. Spam a unit. Then load up all your refineries, and go miner spam from your starbase.

Any race should be able to deal with the feds, except perhaps Borg.

You are fairly safe for the first like 5 min. All that comes out are some scouts. No major attacks. You should be able to get a rag tag fleet of 5-7 ships soon enough. Klingons I forgot, I also built kvort yard.

First, make sure all your moons on the side you are on have mining stations, and fill them with miners. As soon as you get this done, split up your constructors.  Half go to start making starbases. The other half go to fill up the other moons. You will need to focus on the di moons. 4-5 tri is good to start. Get all the di moons next. It is best to have three constructors to be building starbases, and 2-3 finishing the moons up. And send miners there as well.

When the AI fleets engage you, send your small little force to attack, then draw them back to your starbases.

I did have it at times where you had a small fleet of 10 ships attacking miners somewhere, and couldnt really engage them, lost some miners. But just rebuild them. You should be able to get half your starbases up before they come in any meaningful force. Then its sort of managing to get the next two-3 up while you under attack. Maybe build a second yard as another race besides Klingons. As klingons, you can just build more extensions and easily spam more. Send ships to engage even if you lose them. Pop miners. Eventually when the starbase line is complete, anything left in your home base is trapped, and its just a matter of wearing them down.

I'm not sure what lineups are possible. I see big problems if you are borg doing this. Feds should work too though. But you arent going for warpins... that would require research and slow down starbase construction. You'd have to rely on sabers... so not to sure. Although, for feds that might be doable. I don't go research with Klingon cause its just such a long techtree. Maybe the fed approach should be 1 constructor building up all the research, 2-3 building starbases, and 2-3 building mining stations. easier than for the klingons. Build more constructors as feds, but might be doable.

Dominion should own this set up. The constructors and miners are so very cheap. You spend almost nothing in supplies getting up starbases. Just for your ships, and miners etc. Just go bug spam from maybe two yards even. I'll try playing against borg, but three borg mercy is a lot harder for me than three fed mercy from previous games. And as for vs cloaking races like roms and klings, not sure. Roms can get to warbird rush quickly.

I'll play around with it over the next couple days.
posted on May 20th, 2011, 5:34 pm
k. so doesnt work against borg. i agree. they come at you with probes and cubes way to many, too fast. just tested it.
posted on May 20th, 2011, 11:00 pm
Well, on  the map Central Point i mostly beat 3 Merci enemies easily as Feds, no matter which race they are. The smaller entrance there truly helps.

Only vs. setups like Dom + Dom + Klingon i had a really tough time. They all spam so god damn many units, its unbelieveable.

For the map battlefield defense: i just tried it again. They just ignore my line of defense, or harasses my eco so well that i cant get a defense up to withstand their first major attack in the mid game. Was definitely a bit easier vs Dominion or Klingons, but not that much.

As Federation you got intense defense capabilities (quantum torpedo launcher, excelsior who become artillery, Teutoborg class) but still won't hold if you're not fast enough.

I think i gonna retry different BTOs, i'm sure i'm just too slow somewhere.
posted on May 21st, 2011, 12:26 am
what does BTO stand for? Build Time Order? haha, not sure.

another thing perhaps I forgot to mention is dont go on the offensive until you plan to completely demolish one of the AIs with a ranked fleet. As Klingons vs feds, it is true. E2s, E1s and Teutoburg are problems for Klingons long range. Have to hunt these down with your fleets. But Klingon starbases with double upgrades to offensive and defensive are pretty tough against anything the AI can dish out.

Split up your fleets. fleet 1 is scouts. fleet 2, offensive, fleet 5 defensive. or whatever youd like. first fleet of 30 regardless of number becomes first offensive fleet. as klingons you can cloak them, and send it to whatever AI is solo in the base. two ai im assuming you double together at the top. once the fleet of 30 arrives, hover it over a particular spot you want to crush first. can be right on top of the starbase, or back behind the defenes. take out a few platforms and then the mining and some yards. but dont attack just yet. wait for another fleet of maybe 15 - 20. Balance this second fleet. If you are facing attacks, wait to send them and just build up until there is a gap in the AI attack. Usually best to launch a counterattack with that fleet right after they start to retreat. Now you will have two good sized fleets cloaked on top of your localized AI. switch between ordering fleet 2 and 3 to be attacking. Take two turrets out fast, instead of one really fast. You can target two targets and quickly destroy them. Or one big target like a starbase. Or use two fleets to pick on 4-6 ships and heavily damage each of them in seconds. Even if you dont destroy them, they will either go to repair leaving you with an easier time, or they become slim pickings as the battles wears on.

Im pretty sure I played this game after the latest patch, so it should be doable against feds. For others, if its off balance go against 2 mercy. and, if you want, give yourself double resources. Two free starbases to boot. Queue up two constructors, send them to build the first two starbases, while your given two work on the  mining stations.

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