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posted on June 19th, 2017, 7:52 am
Hello gentlemen. I seem to have run into a problem and thought that i might reach out to our community. Recently i have been going through memory lane with my first and 2nd generation startrek pc games. I encountered an error with my ds9media.blt file and am not able to install past 91%. Game will not launch because of this issue. Any suggestions? Ive tried cleaning and restoring the disk wich seem to help the issue. The disk has some scratches however nothing too deep. Also does anyone maybe have the demo saved somewhere so that i can utilize that ds9media.blt file to install the game? I know it had its issues but i am a firm believer that Thomas Riker needs to man the achilles one last time in 2017. Again any suggestions would be helpfull. Regards ~Ca$per~

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