Winter Tournament Round 2

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posted on February 16th, 2018, 7:35 pm
Hello everyone! Round 2 of the Tournament is officially underway! Rules for the second round are the same as the first round, 16 players have been divided into 4 groups of 4. Top two players from each group will advance to the 3rd round. The remaining players (who are interested) will be re-organized into a losers bracket.

Tournament Rules and Info

-Players may play whatever race they wish.

-Players will play each of their opponents twice, the player will select 1 map to play on and their opponent will select one map to play on from this list of maps:

Duel II
Blue Skies
Early Bird

-Each game needs to be observed at least by 1 person with admiral’s logs sent to either this e-mail address: or messaged to me via the fleetops website. There will be no rules against spamming and using annoying strategies though honor is appreciated.

-A game is considered "won" when both players agree the game is over as signified by "GG" etc... Hiding ships in unwinnable situations to prolong a game is highly frowned upon. In such situations, discretion is left to the observer to "end the game" by leaving declaring the advantaged player the winner.

-A rematch will trigger should a game crash/disconnect unless both players and the observer mutually agree to a winner. Exploitation of disconnect is prohibited and may result in disqualification.

-Scheduling of games is left up to the players, please communicate with your opponents as soon as possible to set up a time for games.

-Tunngle is the VPN of choice for flops and is most commonly used, however it does not work smoothly for all. As such players should be prepared to use alternate VPN services EvolvHQ and/or Hamachi as necessary to complete scheduled games.

-All communications regarding the first round of the tournament will be posted on the forums and on the Fleetops Discord. Please join the discord ( to help coordinate matches with opponents, find observers/commentators, and discuss the tournament.

-While not required it is highly encouraged that players make an attempt to have their games recorded by a commentator. Those who are set up to commentate and wish to capture tournament action, are encouraged to post their interest/availability on the forums/discord, and contact me so I can assign them the commentator role in discord. Commentators who are online will appear with the commentator tag on the sidebar in discord so people can identify who to ask to record a game, they can also be summoned by typing @commentator in discord. Personally I will try to record as many games as I can, please mention me on discord or message me and I will try my best to record your game.

-Finally and most importantly, this is a fun and friendly tournament. Please be respectful of your opponents not only during games but also when trying to schedule them, we all have busy lives outside of fleetops. And enjoy the tournament! Post reactions to games, cool strategies, and other thoughts on the forums and discord, lets take this chance to reinvigorate the community. Have fun, and always scout your opponent!


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