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posted on June 6th, 2013, 12:17 am
Hi there,

I play online for some time, and its great, lots of fun. I had an idea. I miss "epic battles" . I explaine , aliance feds, klingons, romulans against 3 borgs, or dominion....

i like to try this, i have no problem to switch sides...

No ai, all people.... is my first choise , hmm but i can try 3people vs ai... less fun , real oponent is so much more fun.

I let this post here , to see responce, i go fishing for 5 days so i will read and post after return.

Let me know if anyone interested.

I return around 12.06.2013. to that time i ll be silent.

posted on June 6th, 2013, 12:28 pm
So, you'd like to see the alpha alliance take on the hordes of the Dominion or the Borg armada?

Sure, there's nothing wrong with that. Scenarios like this are usually not played in Multiplayer since most people pick a random race and such a setup is just not very likely. Then, in addition to that, the side with only one race will typically have quite a disadventage. A triple Borg setup will have the ability to rush very strong and early, but if they get repelled they will still need to deal with the Borg disadvanteges of having low ship numbers, expanding slowly, not being able to fortify a position very well and not being able to just repair damage away.
Similar things go with Dominion. Inflexibilty versus three races of possible counters and specialties.

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