Tryptic's Mod version 3.1C - Dominion Complete version

posted on January 23rd, 2018, 10:07 pm
So, time for some information!

For those of you who are unaware, I have begun a progress log on the Discord server ( where I talk about the various issues and ideas I have as I mod. Check it out, and give me your advice if you're willing. Every little bit of perspective helps!

I have taken a different approach to TM's development, one that will allow me to chew through the very large (code-wise) changes that are coming. Rather than spreading changes around, I am now going to focus on a single race at a time, and (hopefully) mod them through to completion. My first focus has been the Dominion, since they were in the closest state to being finished. The code and mechanics I have worked on for this race will be easier to duplicate to the other races, so hopefully my future releases will come more quickly, but we'll have to wait and see.

Massive overhaul #1: Starbase Upgrades
In Tryptic's Mod, I have worked to remove every instant upgrade from the game. One primary target of this change has been the starting Starbases, which have had their upgrade trees completely replaced by new ones, which are unique to each race. In general, the Offense and System values of Starbases have increased while their Defense has stayed the same or decreased slightly. Finally, each race can complete an Ultimate Starbase, with the following effects:

-Offense and Defense stats are greatly increased
-Ultimate Starbases are immune to all subsystem disabling effects
-Controlling an Ultimate Starbase doubles your ship-building limits, including Troopships, Carriers, and Veterans
-You may only have 1 Ultimate Starbase at a time

The basic Dominion Starbase is much cheaper to build, but carries no weapons until it is upgraded. Its upgrades now include Fighter Bays and a Ketracel Refinery that can slowly convert Di/Tri and supplies.

Massive Overhaul #2: Special Abilities
All special abilities in the game have been recoded:

-Special abilities no longer miss, and most of them have no chance to fail.
-Special ability damage and disabling effects are no longer affected by System value or passives
-A new, simplified Resistance Level system has been put in place. More to come on this

Basically, Battleships and Turrets receive 20% resistance (damage and disable-duration) while Stations receive 32%. Certain Borg modules will increase their Resistance level, as well as certain passive abilities (like veteran Warbirds get). This will provide some powerful tools to counter enemy tech-rushes, which usually result in the enemy having a small number of powerful ships. Many special abilities that were previously not worth using are now highly effective at turning the tide of battle.

Massive Overhaul #3: Command Ships and RADE
While I still don't know how big of an effect these new passives will have on the game, they were certainly a lot of work to program. The Dominion command ships are as follows:

-C-11 Interception Destroyer (Commands all Dominion small/medium sized non-battleships)
-S-7 Defender (Commands all Dominion ships)
-Breen Battleship (Commands all Dominion ships)
-V-15 Dreadnought - Federation Tech (Commands all Dominion ships)

Command provides a 20% rate-of-fire bonus to ships belonging to the same player and race that fly near the Command ship.

The Dominion ship to receive RADE (Reactive Anti-Deuterium Emitters) is the S-2 Escort Cruiser. It now deals +50% damage to constructors, +100% damage to freighters, and has a reduced vision radius. The balance between rushing small ships and teching up to big ships is a key focus of Tryptic's Mod, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to scout your opponent early so you know how best to react.


The goal of 3.1c is to present the Dominion in their completed form. Obviously I will be listening for balance advice and making changes as necessary, but in theory there will be no major future changes to the Dominion from here on out. Within a few weeks I hope to release the completed Klingon faction as well, followed by the remaining 3 races.

More information will come along shortly, along with the complete Changelog and an introduction video on YouTube. For now, you can download this mod at ...

P.S. The Dominion AI is fully functional in this release. Have fun!
posted on January 29th, 2018, 6:17 am
Hey Trypic,

thank you for your update! The new features sound awesome.

I'll take a look at it, when I find the time!

I'm really looking forward to the other faction-updates :)

posted on January 29th, 2018, 12:53 pm
looks great! i will try it today :)
posted on February 3rd, 2018, 8:21 am
Is it safe to play other race in this version or can we only play Dominion if safe to play other i would really like to get some Tryptic's Mod version 3.1C games going today

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