Tryptic's Mod Version 3.0c

posted on May 12th, 2017, 2:20 pm
Hey guys, just wanted to update you on what I'm currently working on. This version will be TM 3.0c, which hopefully will be followed shortly by 3.1a. Here are the pending changes:

Removal of Disruptive Strikes
It was kind of my baby, the idea was to have certain ships with a small (4%) chance to disable an enemy subsystem with each shot. Unfortunately it was very hard to balance, and only starts to matter when you have 10+ of the ship. The Breen Cruiser and Breen Battleship will still have the effect, and possibly the Luspet, but otherwise I am rolling back the change.

Raiding Ships
A new passive will be added to certain early-game ships that gives them double damage vs mining freighters. This should allow these otherwise limited-use ships to become highly valuable, even in the late game.

Federation - Saber, Norway
Dominion - Bug
Klingon - Brel (only during Weapon Fatigue)
Romulan - Shrike

Mixed-Tech Experimental ships
Each race has a Mixed-Tech yard that allows them to research the technology of other races, instead of getting it through a tech transfer. Once a technology is unlocked, ships can be refitted to their MT variant or produced straight from the MT yard for a cost reduction. These variants have no cap on them.

Each MT yard also has a unique ship for that race. These ships will be powerful and representative of the race's playstyle. They will share a cap, but are shareable with your team. So, for example, a Dominion player could share Dreadnoughts until each of his teammates has 2 of them, or a Klingon player could share Edjens until each person has 5. I will be tweaking and shuffling the ships to create a good balance, based on feedback

10 slots per player
Borg: Repair Station (5 slots) - Some kind of repair station that can be deployed in the field (work in progress)
Dominion: V-15 Dreadnought (5 slots) - Super-heavy battleship with area disabling ability
Federation: Avalon (2 slots) - Carrier that launches fighter craft to screen and support the fleet
Klingon: Edjen (2 slots) - Cruiser that deploys scrambling buoys, wreaking havoc on enemy subsystems
Romulan: Saeihr (2 slots) - Long-range cruiser with engine-disabling ambush weaponry


In 3.0c:

-Mixed-Tech unique ship changed from Miranda II to Avalon
-Miranda II added as Risner Avatar ship
-Canaveral ECCCM ability removed; stats changed to 17 Off/ 19 Def
-Canaveral Sensor Synergy no longer passive (reverted to 3.2.7 version)
-Canaveral Plasma Bolt now disables weapons for 10 seconds, sensors for 20 seconds)
-Remoore Antimatter Mine ability replaced with Lamprey beam: drains enemy shields/energy and converts to shields
-Nova/Norway roles swapped: Nova is now short-ranged support vessel with new abilities focused on fleet support. Norway is medium-ranged fast combat vessel requiring Chassis 3 and dealing bonus damage to mining freighters

In future releases:

Command Ship Bonus: small Federation ships will receive a damage bonus in the presence of a Command ship. Command ships are:

Center Warp-ins (Ambassador, Galaxy, Torp Nebula, Eng Nebula, Nova RI)
Nova (With special ability active)
posted on May 16th, 2017, 3:49 am
Some good-looking changes for Feds:

* The Nova / Norway changes are a great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing how the changed ships play.
* Canaveral might just have the base stats to make it worth building now.
* While I don't think the Remore needed a buff, the new ability looks intriguing. How much special weapon energy does it consume? Will it work against shieldless foes (eg Borg)?
* Avalon made mixed-tech and Miranda II put in its place in Risner's tech tree is something I'll need to think about. I have disparaged it in the past, but it can work vs AI when supported by lighter units (the fighters screen for the lighter units, which themselves get between it and the enemy).
* Command ship bonus is something I'm looking forward to as well. I take it you decided not to add the Descent to the list of command ships as it's powerful enough already?
posted on May 17th, 2017, 9:22 pm
Tryptic!!!! Help....

Im trying to set up to play on tungle again and its not having it.... Any suggestions?
posted on May 19th, 2017, 2:38 am
Hey Tryptic,

wow that change list for the new Federation lookes great :)!

I am really looking forward to the Nova/Norway change!
Do you plan to alter the stats of the Norway? In this regard: Do you already have something in mind?

Do you plan a cap for Risners Miranda 2? I think the mix tech Miranda 2 has a cap.

Well, I liked that the sensor boost to the Canaveral was passiv... :crybaby:

I really like the update to mix tech. But I am not so sure about the idea, that units can be shared.
Imagine 8 Dreadnougts in a 4 player team :o
Well, I know all these units could be nerved. But I think that Dreadnougts, Saehir, etc. are OK right now.
What I liked in your mod espacially is that mix tech units are available even in a 1v1 game. I wouid like to see that this feature (and the balance of these units) remains.

I last note / wish:
Besides your amazing job in rebalancing FO and implementing countless features I was amazed by your awesome AI build order overhaul.
Could you please ajust the next version to the changes that you made in the past and in 3.0C.
That would be amazing!

Keep it up, Tryptic!
You are doing a fantastic job with your mod :D !!!
posted on May 19th, 2017, 9:18 am
Alright, a quick update.

The Canaveral on paper now looks like this (all names pending, if you can think of better names let me know):

Ability 1: Strategic Sensors (Toggles On/Off)
While Active:
-Engines and Weapons disabled
-Defense value increased
-Grants strategic vision to nearby stations (of any race, including allies)
-Gains a Small cloak detect ping (Range Short, interval 10 seconds)

Ability 2: ECM Burst (previously Sensor Blackout)
-Ranged AoE ability, reduces enemy rate of fire by 35%
-Max 8 targets (previously 5)

Ability 3: Sensor Blackout:
-Ranged, small AoE (about the size of a Borg Sphere)
-Disables Weapons for 10 seconds
-Disables Sensors for 20 seconds

The sensor disabling ability is most effective against single ships or small groups. As long as one ship can still see, the fleet will be able to target but if you get every one, their fleet will be rendered blind. This ability is tailored strongly toward countering early battleship strategies when the opponent skips their small ships.

Feds will also be the first race to receive an updated Starbase. I'm expecting it to take a few tries to get the price and stats right. The Federation (and the Dominion) have the ability to build a cheap outpost that can build the same ships as their Starbase but has no weapons. The upgrade path has been simplified into a straight line, with 5 levels. The starting starbase is level 2.
posted on January 22nd, 2018, 3:28 pm
Any changes to the sensor nebula? I always though it was the most "meh" of all the warp-ins. I also thing you tend to end up with a bit too many of them considering the ting is bigger than an Ambassador. I wouldn't mind it being reworked and moved to the centre warp-in slot.

EDIT: Just checked. It's not longer than the Ambassador, but I do think it should still qualify as a comand ship if the other Nebulas do.
posted on January 22nd, 2018, 5:19 pm
in TM the sensor nebula emits a small tachyon ping when it uses its special, which is handy. Also I think I may have increased the vision range of the special, and having that vision is incredibly useful to the fleet.

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